Channel of Peace

People have been calling me an idealist since I was a kid. And they always say it like it is a bad thing.

This has only served to encourage me!


10 thoughts on “Channel of Peace

  1. This is too beautiful to be of this Earth.But then, you never said it was…………Hey, I just tried to go to FranIAm and got the unceremonious boot. I'm certain that this speaks to what a bad reader I've been, but still I'm begging for a little direction here – I'm a poor one for keeping in touch, but I'd hate to lose touch altogether!Email me if I need to do something to get an invite, 'k?


  2. Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God.Imagine what the world could be if all religious people practiced that.


  3. Shannon – great to see you! Thanks for coming by.CR- Hello my dear! No worries, I can send you an invite for FIA, but I have other folks who have the invite and who are still having access problems. Email me when I send it and let me know if/how it works.TomCat- True true indeed.It is so great to have you back among us Tom, truly great.


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