To be grateful for all things – that is the challenge.

To be grateful for all things – that is the invitation.

To be grateful for the good things that happen in our lives is easy, but to be grateful for all of our lives–the good as well as the bad, the moments of joy as well as the moments of sorrow, the successes as well as the failures, the rewards as well as the rejections– that requires hard spiritual work.

Still, we are only truly grateful people when we can say thank you to all that has brought us to the present moment. As long as we keep dividing our lives between events and people we would like to remember and those we would rather forget, we cannot claim the fullness of our beings as a gift of God to be grateful for.

Let us not be afraid to look at everything that has brought us to where we are now and trust that we will soon see in it the guiding hand of a loving God.” – Henri Nouwen, from Bread for the Journey


7 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. Meredith, how fitting to find you here. I was at Thanksgiving mass and a parishioner that I do not often see stopped me after mass. He wanted to thank me for the "great book review of the great book about the menorah!"I step aside, I thought, as I am a finger that is pointing to the finger that is pointing to the moon.Shalom my sister, it is a gift beyond measure to know you.


  2. It is difficult to remember the good things, as this is the first Thanksgiving without my parents. Last year, I could call my mom to check on sage in my dressing; this year, I must do it by taste. But you know, our God always is with us and is with me now. To be in relationship with God is what I am most thankful for, so I have all.


  3. happy thanksgiving, Fran. I was somehow able to preach this morning, even though I feel strangely disoriented….thanks for the invitation.


  4. I really thought about gratitude and my life in general on Thanksgiving. I plan to get rid of anything that no longer suits me, like clutter, shoes, clothes, books, etc.:D


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