The Politicization of the Haitian Tragedy

The Haitian Earthquake has brought out the best and the worst in so many ways. I had seen this video from Woman Up video at Politics Daily. I am home sick so I have had a bit more internet time on my hands and I am glad that I revisited this video.

I know, who has 7 minutes, but give it a shot. I think you might like what you see. That said, like it or not, it is very thought provoking. And I frankly don’t think that 7 minutes is long enough for the topics covered by Women Up video!

Seeing this video a second time, in the aftermath of all of the politicizing of this tragedy was very thought provoking.

A few things that caught my attention were:

The ugly truth that there are “rewards” built into our system for being hateful. That is an understatement!  Pat Robertson and Rush Limbaugh dragged the conversation down, Keith Olbermann went as low with his criticism of them. Discussion carried on along those lines with Bonnie Erbe saying that Rush Limbaugh was a PR man and that as such, he knew how to stir the pot and get ratings.

It was brought up that all of this matters to the public discourse and we all know how that plays out every day in comment box arguments on blogs and Facebook and with a zillion angry postings. (By the way, it is never anger that I am against, I am against the vitriolic anger that fuels more of the same.)

Was it a bad idea to call on George W. Bush to help raise money? Do we have too many pressing domestic issues? New Orleans is still a mess and Galveston.

The two things that really got me came near the end of the segment. The first was at about 6:30 when Bonnie Erbe mentioned the tremendous need for education. I was reminded of something I read over at Diane’s blog, Faith in Community, that said, “It’s not the earthquake that killed people,” she said. “It’s poverty.” I think that there is so much truth to that. We often see the sorrowful intersection of lack of education and great poverty. Reading that made me think of Suzy at Luminous Ether, such a champion of reading and learning. 

The second thing that caught my attention near the end of the video was Melinda Henneberger noting that C.S. Manegold had written a great piece about Haiti’s history at PD.  If you have not read this – please go do so. It is outstanding! Can someone send it to Pat Robertson please?

Anyway, what say you about how this has been politicized?


7 thoughts on “The Politicization of the Haitian Tragedy

  1. we have become a country of needing to win – not needing to grow. both sides (but i will say it is primarily the right) have dropped to a point – where they will DO or SAY anything to win (and winning of course can also mean ratings to see lots of soda) – we are that low, we are that phony. on another note – i do think it was wrong to call Bush into this rescue effort – but that is a whole other argument


  2. Fran, sorry you are sick, but glad you are posting! The divide keeps widening in our country. I cannot understand the hatred, though I do realize that anger, which is connected to hatred, comes from fear and pain. That reminds me of a quote by Sharon Salzburg that I'll put on my blog. I don't know–one step at a time.


  3. I watched a few hours of Haiti coverage on MSNBC and I grew weary of the political side of the story.Here's the story as I see it:A dirt poor nation was decimated by a major earthwuake.They need help.If you have any money, donate some of it to a charity you trust.If you don't, pray for those affected by the catastrophe, and for those trying to help.


  4. Feel better, Fran. As for sending anything to Robertson….unless it is green folding money, he's not interested. I bet his donations were up after his hateful statements. Because his followers obviously love hate.


  5. I heard about Pat Robertson, but am not paying any attention. It's true tho, people are rewarded by getting attention for saying such hateful things.


  6. Rather interesting site you've got here. Thank you for it. I like such topics and everything that is connected to them. I would like to read a bit more soon.


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