Lent Approaches – Rolling Away the Stone

Lent begins on Wednesday – I have already posted about this once and talked about approaches to Lenten practices.

Today I was in a phone conversation with someone who was struggling about what to “do” for Lent. That in an of itself is a conversation about “doing,” “being” and “becoming.” That is a conversation for another day it seems.

When we were speaking I was struck with the thought that we journey towards Easter at Lent. And at Easter we are called to a tomb in which the stone has been rolled away and we learn that Jesus has Risen.

So perhaps to enter into Lent we need to consider just what it will take to get that stone rolled away when the time comes?

It is just a thought… what do you think? And please share what your Lenten practices be, if you are willing.

(Speaking of willingness, would you consider writing a reflection for our Lenten pages that will start on Wednesday? Please read here for more information!)


7 thoughts on “Lent Approaches – Rolling Away the Stone

  1. Fran, in a recent post (http://straight-friendly.blogspot.com/2010/02/fasting.html) Tim simply turned my mind upside down regarding Lent and fasting.I realized that Lent is about the way I wish my life could be. And I would like to follow Christ better — and more. Hence more time with Christ and less time with — fill in the blank. This is the first time in a long time that I feel that energized about Lent.If anyone has the time or interest, I posted my vision for this Lent here http://acatholicwomansplace.blogspot.com/2010/02/cultivate-my-soul.html.


  2. Rolling away the stone is similar to going into the deep water. Thanks for this thought, Fran. I'm pondering what to offer for your lenten reflections.


  3. Fran, I love how you think … :-)It's been said that a most vital communicative change agent is the ability / willingness to ask the right questions. You've asked a beauty with "What will it take to get that stone rolled away …?" — It will take Love — all the Love we can evoke and express.I'm curious (and I don't currently study the Christian Bible) — Do any of the Gospels suggest *who* rolled the stone away from Christ's tomb?Easter to me = Love rises … Spring proves her fidelity and presence yet again … the Love of Christ — however we understand it — resurges with Spring and reminds us of what we essentially are, and what we can do.Fran — you're a master of the spiritual salon ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. I'm preparing a sermon for Sunday and this has taken up many of my thoughts too. I don't think I can preach Lent 1 without looking at the practice of the Lenten fast. and what a pathetic shadow of its origins it has become.For some years now there has been a movement to "do" rather than "deny". I think I shall attempt to get more of a grip on environmental ethics and sharpen up my stewardship practices.


  5. "So perhaps to enter into Lent we need to consider just what it will take to get that stone rolled away when the time comes?"This line made me almost gasp "yes!" It is precisely what I need to think about as I finalize my plans. Thank you.


  6. Fran, doesn't it seem as if there's something special in the air for this Lent==as if we're being led into the wilderness to find lost hope and goodness? Your thoughts here dovetail perfectly with what Claire and I and so many are feeling. In Sunday's sermon, our minister directly connected the Transfiguration to the Resurrection. She said while the Peter wanted to stay on and build shelters to honor Jesus, Elijah, and Moses, Christ knew He had to leave the mountain, travel to another mountain and find shelter in a borrowed tomb. What struck me most about this was her invitation to think of Lent as our journey to Jerusalem. She framed it almost exactly as you do here, as a pilgrimage to resurrection and hope made possible by sacrifice.I tell you, there's something in the air!


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