Leaving Lent – Entering Holy Week

The Judean Desert, November 2004, photo by me.

I wrote about Lent quite a bit at the beginning, but I have not really kept up with it. So it goes. I really wanted to focus on forgiveness this Lent and to write more about The Forgiveness Project – I told you that.

But that did not happen.

 Signs of green in the desert. My workplace, photo by me.

And suddenly – here we are! There are signs of green in the desert as we work our way to Jerusalem. We may leave the desert behind, but I can assure you, death is on the way.

And then new life.

There is a lot going on in the Church right now that says death is on the way, but even at my worst, I am pretty sure that new life will not be far behind.

The desert has been what it needed to be. I have not really moved as far as I would have liked around forgiveness. I have made some inroads, slight ones, towards reconciling some broken relationships.

However, I have astoundingly broken other ones. *sigh*

 Jerusalem, from the Mount of Olives, May 2006, photo by me.

Anyway, the desert gives way to the city. I am reminded of what a short distance it is from the Judean desert to Jerusalem and how quickly… and starkly, the landscape changes.

And I know, from experience, you can’t go to Jerusalem and leave unchanged. If it doesn’t kill you, it does transform you. Metanoia.

Now to enter Holy Week. Jerusalem, here I come.


5 thoughts on “Leaving Lent – Entering Holy Week

  1. Ah, yes, Fran–Jerusalem is rising into view. And naturally, feelings of what didn't get done in the desert set in. But the journey doesn't end at the city gates. Thank God it takes us to the Cross and on to the Empty Tomb. And it's there we see how the entire experience transformed us.I suspect most of us can echo a comment I read over at Claire's place–"Easter can't get here soon enough!"Blessings and much love.


  2. Dear Fran,Your workplace looks fantastic as are the photos of the Holy Land.If you have visited these places Holy Week must be especially vivid for you too. You have made some wanted changes and that is a gift. ( Don't be too hard on yourself for the things that went astray!!).I pray that as we all meet together next week via our blogs that we can move towards the cross and share some of ourselves as we prepare for the Passion and Resurrection of Christ Jesus and renew our faith and hope.Godbless


  3. SO glad you posted this pic of your church. I like getting a better sense of physical place for those I love. As for the content of your post, without having yet read it, I woke up this morning thinking that this is indeed a great time to be Catholic. Nutty or what? I'll be blogging about this.


  4. Isn't it wonderful that so many of us fellow bloggers are walking toward Jerusalem together, pilgrims of the third millenium, of the noosphere, so very much accompanied by Him, the reason for it all.A blessing to see where you work, and to feel forever your warmth and open heart to all those meet on the web, and I am sure in real life as well.Blessings.


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