Veni Creator – An Interruption to my Pentecost Story

Pentecost. Jarring. Unnerving. Compelling. Ultimately – uniting.

I highly, highly recommend reading Austin Fleming’s blogpost about Pentecost and this video by clicking here.

Austin says, if Pentecost teaches us anything, it’s that the Spirit comes in every language, upon all peoples and with a desire to brings us together as one. Some will argue that this means we all need to sing the same song, in the same language, but I doubt the Spirit is so limited.” 

I am always reminded of a Pentecost homily that I heard about 20 years ago… “Easter makes me unafraid to die. Pentecost makes me unafraid to live.”

Pentecost is so unlikely… and if you read me regularly, you know that unlikely is the theme of my life.

Now please… Go and read Austin’s post – it is brilliant.