Devotions and Other Matters – A Meme

My friend, Catholic writer Paul Snatchko of Between the ‘Burgh and the City tagged me for a meme that has been working its way around the Roman Catholic blogging circles. Then a short while later, another fine Catholic writer, Kim Luisi of Faith, Fiction and Flannery tagged me as well. The gist of the meme is to reveal your favorite devotions. Now I do not consider myself extremely devotional, but I do have some regular practices and you are about to learn what they are!

The Rosary – If I were to retrace my steps of return to the Roman Catholic Church over 20 years ago, you would find the path of the Rosary. (In fact I have retraced some of those steps, you can check that out right here.) I usually pray the Rosary once a day and often in my car on the way to work. I have many Rosary beads, but I usually pray with the very beautiful ones pictured below. They were made for me by Episcopalian blog friend, Kirkepsicatoid (aka Maria Evans) who I have had the pleasure of meeting in person. I’m pretty ecumenical!

My Morning Prayers – I don’t know if this counts as a devotional in the truest sense of the word, but I am listing it here. God has given me many gifts, but consistency or a sense of real discipline is not among them. I have trouble with regular patterns, what can I tell you. The one thing I do daily, almost without fail, is to awaken with words of thanks to God on my lips and then I spend some time in prayer. I read The Magnificat (where the aforementioned Paul Snatchko works!), Richard Rohr’s Radical Grace, I spend some time just being quiet and I write in my journal. At various times of the year, such as Advent and Lent, I might add something else, but the other things are my daily acts.

Now for what it is worth, I found that when I was in the hospital recently, I could not touch one of those books. I had Mark bring them to me… they sat right on my table, unopened. For some reason, I turned to my phone and decided to use the iBreviary app that I had downloaded.  Each day, I did use that to pray instead of my books or journal. As it happens, the day after I got out of the hospital, Dennis Poust interviewed me for an Our Sunday Visitor article about Catholic apps – what timing. You can read that right here if you wish.

Novenas – For various feast days, I do write my own novenas and pray with them. For those who might not know what a novena is, it is a 9 day prayer.  Right now I am making a novena to St. Dominic, his feast day is August 8 and he is very special to me.  This is a famous painting of St. Dominic and St. Francis meeting. They were contemporaries, but I am not sure that there is evidence to support that they really met.

Sharing Faith Online – Like Paul, I am listing this as a devotion. When I first started blogging with my old (long gone) personal blog, I inched into faith posts. Then I did more and more. I began my church blog and that was another outlet. Now I often cross-post on this blog and my church blog… I am fully outed as a person of faith.

This has been a rich 3+ years of blogging and I have made many friends of faith, Roman Catholic and beyond. In particular, I have a number of Episcopalian blog friends – I actually connected with them first, way back in 2007. There are also people of other Christian denominations along with folks of many other traditions.

It has been a great blessing to meet many of my faith blogging friends. The support and love and prayer that comes from this is a gift beyond measure and important part of my faith life and practice. I present some photographic evidence of such meetings…

Paige and Mimi meet the day before Paige’s wedding, May 2009.
That’s me with Grandmere Mimi, Rev. Tobias Haller BSG and James Teets, February 2007.

I went to mass at Fr. Austin Fleming’s (The Concord Pastor) parish in May 2009.

The top photo is of Jane, Paige and Paul, May 2009. The lower one is of me with Diane Roth in November of 2007.

In September 2009 I got to meet Deacon Greg Kandra (above) and the next day I met Mike Hayes(for the 2nd time) and the many-times-mentioned Paul Snatchko (below).
Ah, here is another shot from Paige’s May 2009 wedding – Mimi, Laura, PJ, Jane and Paul.

At this point I have met and attended mass with Rev. Lee Crawford. This was the first time, when she was still in northern Vermont, summer 2009.

Rosary maker, Episcopalian, pathologist and blogger Maria Evans with me.

When Maria was visiting, Laura Lewandowski came over from Vermont for a visit. She also was here in April and then Laura kindly drove over to visit with me while I was in the hospital.

My beautiful and beloved Lindy. She visited NYC from Texas last summer and I got to meet up with her at the Cloisters. Now she lives in China!

I think I made my point about faith blogging and being devotional!

OK, that’s a lot of photos and tags. Phew – I am done in. In any case, the whole idea of forming an online faith community really means something.

Who will be next? I tag Mary DeTurris Poust, Peace Garden Mama, Paul Brian Campbell SJ, and Not A Virgin But Occasionally A Martyr

Or anyone else who might like to take this on!


8 thoughts on “Devotions and Other Matters – A Meme

  1. hey! thanks! And, I want to meet that Rosary Maker.I really want to learn more about the rosary. (At Grace Cathedral, I learned that there is an Anglican version, which I suspect a Lutheran could use).


  2. Karl Rahner, SJ once said, "beware the man of no devotions"!I think I'll give this one a fly, too…And I love the devotion of meeting people, what better place to find God?


  3. Fran, thank you for providing my "Fran fix" this morning. You are an integral part of my daily devotion. Soaking up your wisdom while listening to Veni Creator Spiritus is a wonderful way to end my devotion and begin my earthly day. Your love radiates around the world, and I carry a piece of you in my heart as I venture out into the wilderness.The rosary is beautiful! Mine is very old and simple and was lovingly given to me by my partner's mom:-)


  4. This is fun, Fran. I loved reading about your devotionals. What a great idea. I think Mary DeTurris Poust also tagged me, so I don't know that I can get out of this now. šŸ™‚ It won't be for a bit but I'd like to give it a whirl soon. Thanks so much for thinking of me, and for your very detailed post. That was a lot of work with all of those photos but very cool.


  5. I particularly dig all the pictures. I have a hard time imagining the cloud of witnesses with all the saints and angels and archangels…but I can imagine THAT cloud of witnesses in your photos!


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