A post for a rainy Saturday morning…

How is challenge an invitation? I am sitting here reflecting on that right now. I am currently going through a process of discernment about my life as a lay minister of the Church.

Today I read this from St. Gregory of Nyssa in the Office of Readings:

Bodily health is a good thing, but what is truly blessed is not only to know how to keep one’s health but actually to be healthy. If someone praises health but then goes and eats food that makes him ill, what is the use to him, in his illness, of all his praise of health?

If one praises health and then eats food that makes one ill… That to me is a conversation about integrity. How often do we proclaim one thing and yet do another?

What a challenge it is to confront the things we “believe” and the things that we… well, the other things we believe. When we face the challenge of really entering into the uncomfortable places of reconciling belief,we are invited to a place of peace.

That will be the healthy meal, that will be what heals us and sets us free. Getting there however, is a whole other thing.


3 thoughts on “Invitation

  1. Every day I have this conversation with myself about food. When I'm taking seven different medications and feeling like poo, won't I be happy that I had that second slice of cake, that gigantic trough of ice cream?Since I can't practice what I preach, maybe I should try it the other way around. Maybe I could reverse psychology myself into long term health.Hi! and xoxox


  2. Discerning about your being a lay minister in the Church… How interesting, Fran! How exciting as well… How I pray that you come to the ministry where you will use those talents that Godde has placed into you for you to help co-create the Kin(g)dom! How joyful as well…I rejoice for you, Fran :-)As to the right meal… I would think the right meal for me is much lighter than my usual fare …Blessings, holy one 🙂


  3. Food is a big question, especially as today I abandoned my good intentions and ate a cookie and candy (plural). That was so enjoyable, but now I am afraid to weigh myself in the morning, esp. as prednisone seems to keep me from losing when I TRY, which I did not do today.


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