Theology Thursday

A post with three important links… There has been a lot of theological sabre rattling of late; sabres of the bishops it would seem. That makes me very sad and I continue to pray for the Body of Christ.

That said, I think that these three posts are very important in presenting some thoughts on recent issues. Sometimes it is time to consider new wineskins, perhaps now being such a time? I pray for the wisdom to know.

As theology is “Fides quarens intellectum,” or “faith seeking undertanding,” I think that questions, probing, study and journey (we are a pilgrim people after all!) are essential to theology. And as a student of theology, I do not think I am making this up! However, there has been no shortage of conversation about recent skirmishes between bishops and theologians.

Three posts to consider…

From Catholic Moral Theology we find “Father Thomas Weinandy and the Theological Generation Gap”. The author,  PhD in Theology makes some interesting points about what makes today’s theology very different from that of the past.

From WIT: Women In Theology, we come upon “A Curse and Affliction Upon the Church? On Vitriol and Theologians.” This author is a PhD candidate in theology at Notre Dame and she unpacks some of the similarities between Fr. Weinandy’s remarks in an talk given in May and recently summarized in a column by John Allen at NCR, about commentary on Dr. Elizabeth A. Johnson, CSJ and recent issues with her book, The Quest for the Living God. (In full disclosure, I have read and enjoyed this thought provoking book and it has been used in two of my classes.)

From Brother Dan Horan, OFM at his blog, Dating God, we read about “Fides Quaerens Nihilum, Weinandy’s Vision of Theology.” Dan, who has been teaching at Siena College is a theologian himself.(In more full disclosure, Br. Dan is coming to interview me today for a future episode of his Dating God podcast.)

Read on, think, consider, ponder, pray – and repeat. We worship a Living God, we are a pilgrim people and we must literally re-member the Body of Christ. How we do that is vast undertaking.


3 thoughts on “Theology Thursday

  1. I feel grateful that you brought these three posts here and on FB. I had missed John Allen's column and the story about Fr Weinandy. The three posts reveal a healthy theological approach of the three writers, writers who enchant me by their being grounded in real life, a life seeped in theology, reflection and prayer…I have felt for a long time that we are entering a new Era. The coming of this new era is taking a bit too long to come, however, so I tend to move away from issues… Your bringing them back to me has just given some moments of sheer delight.Thank you.


  2. Shalom Fran. I'm glad Crystal's blog played the matchmaker. I see there is much on your blogs that should be read. And you read _The Lemon Tree_? Dalia of that house, and now Open House, is a personal friend. Small world. See you again soon.


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