A Prayer of Forgiveness At the Start of the New Year

Today is kind of a sick day for me. Saturday is usually really busy for me, but today I am taking it slow. I’ve been fighting something all week and it neither blossoms into full blown sickness nor lifts. So I will stay in today and do nothing… Sadly I am missing a memorial service that I would have liked to attend, but I just can’t do it.

In any case, this slow day has caused me to consider many things as a new year begins. Not a big one for resolutions, I do like to think about how I choose to live and this seems a good a time as any. Then I was cleaning out my inbox and came across this that I found on Sojourners awhile back. It seemed a good thing to ponder on a day like this one. Or any day, really.

Forgiveness is a hard thing. I love to talk about it, I find it incredibly hard to live. What about you? Forgiveness is not just a transactional thing. It is a process – a process of being sorry and a process of letting go. It happens with ourselves and with others and we all move at different speeds.

This may sound strange to some, arrogant to others, but I do not fear God forgiving me. I have great trust that God has forgiven me and continues to do so. This does not mean I can live willy-nilly; it does mean that I am called to keep changing and to keep turning, ever turning, toward God’s embrace. That is the hard part. Dynamism, not transaction. It is a process.

In any case, I post this today; a day on which I struggle with forgiving and being forgiven.

A Prayer of Forgiveness

God, teach us how to forgive one another. Help us to remember how many times you have forgiven us when we have blatantly denied you. May we reciprocate your mercy by showing limitless grace to those who hurt us. It is in your name that we pray. Amen.

4 thoughts on “A Prayer of Forgiveness At the Start of the New Year

  1. Fran, I don’t worry about God forgiving me. I know God does. What’s hard is living out forgiveness of wrongs (or perceived wrongs) done to me.

    Prayers that you feel better and for Gracie, too.


  2. I love how you say that letting go is a key part of the process of forgiveness. That is so true — and it is so hard at times! It can be difficult to be the forgiver and to let go, and it can be equally difficult to be the forgiven and to let go of the guilt and disappointment in how we ourselves acted.

    I hope you are feeling better today!


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