Small Stones…

Well, my attempt at daily small stones has been – well, dashed upon the rocks! OK, that is a bit harsh, how about my river is still at the moment!

In the past I would have taken this as total failure and gone into the self-loathing shame spiral. Today, at least for today anyway, I can say that attempting to do daily writing of some other sort was and remains a good challenge for me. It is an invitation to explore.That exploration may not happen at this moment, but it will happen.

I’m glad that I tried it and have read and seen so many beautiful blogs and posts as a result. I am grateful. I will try again!



12 thoughts on “Small Stones…

  1. Hi Fran,

    Thanks for your comments on my blog. I hope your dog is getting better. My four cats were elderly and unwell for quite a while so I kind of know what it’s like. Prayers.


  2. Fran,

    You have to be one of the most smug, condescending Catholic commentors I’ve come across in a while.


    • Dear Ken, welcome to the blog. I am not sure what inspired your comment, but I am approving it and clearly replying to you here.

      Perhaps you might wish to further explain your words, which even if I am one of the most smug and condescending Catholic commentators that you have come across, seem a bit harsh.

      If you are yourself a Catholic, a charitable explanation might be warranted. Or maybe you simply like to express anger in this way and then leave. So be it.

      Either way, peace and good to you.


  3. Good for you, Fran (for so many things, on this page and elsewhere…). Every day we start over. You don’t write a month at a time, you write one day at a time. Doesn’t matter what you did yesterday; it’s gone. Start over. “Just for today, I will…” is much easier to manage than “From now on, I will…” and oh so much more likely to succeed!


  4. Fran,
    You have wriiten so much rubbish I don’t know where to start, just look at your comments on Mark Shea’s ‘trash good catholics’ blog, or your effeminate friend from ‘Dating God’ and the recent trash he wrote about the March for Life. When Pope Benedict talks about the smoke of satan in the church I think of you and your ilk.


    • You sir, are a judgmental man. Who gave you this right? I expect an answer, for God did not give it to you. If you do not like Fran’s blog, then go find one you do like. You are offensive and your true inner self is showing, better pull a cope over that lest you be found out as one who praises God with their lips but in their hearts they curse!


  5. Mark Shea’s blog? You’ve got me there; I have commented there, but not often and certainly not lately. Is it appropriately charitable to speak of Brother Dan Horan, OFM as “effeminate?” Whatever that means.

    And calling me the smoke of satan in the church, that is a pretty broad assertion.

    It is fine if you think this, certainly it does not hurt me. It makes me feel some pity for you and how you view the world through a Christian lens. I would say this however, dear Ken, my brother in Christ, whether you like that idea or not… If you are truly called by Christ Jesus into the world, perhaps you might consider writing and commenting under your own name, clearly identified. Satan you know is a divider and a hider, always appearing in a disguise.

    Who are you?


    • Perfect responses Fran. People can be so “brave” when hiding their identity. This person doesn’t have what it takes to identify him or herself. You know, when I was in Nursing school and having a problem with a particular instructor, I smiled and mentally gave her the finger. After all one doesn’t challenge the person holding the grade book. I have since used this technique in many instances. So I encourage you to do likewise. Love sent your way. Lee


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