This blogging hiatus is being interrupted to bring you breaking news!

So much for the blog break, I have to interrupt it for some breaking news. I was not planning on any of this, but it seems that my bread-y little blog will be moving. We have been invited to show ourselves over on the Times Union blogging pages!

The launch will be on Tuesday, so I have a lot of work to do. The blog break will continue!

There is another piece of news, but while breaking it has not yet fully broken! I will keep you posted!




16 thoughts on “This blogging hiatus is being interrupted to bring you breaking news!

  1. That is truly amazing and I can’t help thinking that so many more people will be exposed to an exciting way of expressing faith in Christ. God is using you in an amazing way.


  2. I am very happy Fran accepted my invitation to move her blog to We haven’t had a ‘Catholic’ blogger since Father Dennis Tamburello ended his blog a couple years ago, and I’ve long sought someone in the community who could write the sort of blog that Fran has already been doing.

    I’m convinced me she’s well-prepared to handle with the wide audience she’ll encounter. The biggest challenge will be dealing with the commenters who have no use for religion or spirituality, yet can’t help themselves from commenting on her blog. Be sure to visit at her new address and give her some support!

    She’ll launch her first post on her new blog tomorrow, and I’m sure she’ll include a post here to link to it.

    Thanks, Mike.
    Michael Huber
    Interactive Audience Manager, Albany NY
    (518) 454-5069


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