Just a short post for today. I wrote another short post over at Pastoral Postings, the blog that I host for my work parish, The Church of the Immaculate Conception, but I’d like to say the same thing here.

Today’s Gospel from Mark reminds us – well it reminds me, anyway – of some pretty important words. They are:

“I do believe, help my unbelief!”

Do I believe? Of course I do! Do I have many moments of unbelief? Of course I do! Not conscious, oh-I-do-not-believe moments, but how about all the times I feel hopeless, helpless and filled with despair?

These words are a reminder that believing happens on a continuum, they are not a simple stop on the journey. So it is with a faith that is relational.

And while I am a woman of faith, I need help all the time!

Don’t you?

(For the record, I did *not* believe that I could make it up those steps. Worse yet, once I did, I did *not* believe that I could come down those steps. I lived  to tell the tale of both! God definitely helped my unbelief that day, a day that changed my life.)


3 thoughts on “Believing

  1. Test, test, test (WordPress was playing tricks on me last night)

    But that’s my faith, too: tested, tested, tested. Am I passing? Am I hanging on?


  2. I am constantly asking God to help my unbelief although I’m a person of faith as well. God is always there and willing to help although in my head I think God must be saying, “Really, Lynda, again?” Thank God that God is love.


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