Who’s in? Who’s out?

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Today’s Gospel invites us to consider something that may be hard for some to think about. Do you ever think about “who’s in?”  And perhaps more importantly, “who’s out?”

Jesus was always reaching out to the edges, always gathering in. He never said, that we should look to those who stood in the center, those who were “in” for instruction or encouragement. From choosing the apostles, who were hardly the most experienced and who were not at all powerful, to his constant speaking and ministering to those on the margins, Jesus was always pointing to those who seemingly had no authority, and and letting them know that God was there for all of them.

centurionThe centurion was not (continue reading at the Times Union.)

One thought on “Who’s in? Who’s out?

  1. When I think of those on the fringes John the Baptist comes first to mind. I wonder what Elizabeth thought of her son? Not a rabbi, definitely had no fashion sense and no gourmet food or upscale restaurants! No one would pay any attention today to John. Not the centurion, not the temple elite.John would have more than likely, today be swept up in a raid of the homeless camped alongside the Sacramento River! :(

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