Conclavian blogging – The I know that song edition

TAgleThe world, which often seems to revile the Roman Catholic Church, is oddly (in my opinion) focused on the conclave. That brings up all sorts of questions, none of which will be addressed here today.

I decided to do some of what I call “conclavian blogging,” although I have no official information to share with anyone.

We Catholics do know how to have more fun than you might think. Today, a very funny, but also strangely wonderful video crossed my path. One of my “favorite” papabili is Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle, known as Chito Tagle, of the Philippines. He is young, very humble (rides  a bike, lives simply) and has a good record on the challenging matters,” (ahem-clears throat), and has been a great student of Vatican II. (I do not see the world divided into some pre-and-post-Vatican-II battle for good or evil, by the way. But again, that’s another blog post.)

So I like Tagle a lot. He is 55, just like me. Am I old enough to have a pope my age? *sigh* Imagine my generational surprise when I saw this, which you may have seen, but I am showing it anyway.  And by the way, he is young, he studied the Council, but make no mistake – none of the contenders are likely to make big changes. That does not stop me from asking Bl. Pope John XXIII to intercede with the Holy Spirit on this matter. I do like to remember that there is no accounting for the Holy Spirit.

Try getting that song out of your head after you watch! And while you’re at it, go to Pope Alarm to sign up to get the sign that we “habemus papam“!

Enjoy the video of Cardinal Tagle… and stay tuned!

6 thoughts on “Conclavian blogging – The I know that song edition

  1. Hi Fran,
    Cardinal Tagle has my vote too…if we had a vote. Wouldn’t that be a great moment if he showed up on the papal balcony! Sadly, it will be the first time the pope is younger than me…by one year. 😉 Loved the song too…now if I could just get it out of my brain….


  2. “The world, which often seems to revile the Roman Catholic Church”

    After “revile”, please insert “the sins of the hierarchy of”. Thank you.


  3. Glad I came across this site. Thanks for sharing this Fran. I’m actually the one who made this music video for Cardinal Tagle because I really like him to become the next Pope. 🙂


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