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holy-spirit-window-stickerIf you think that I am being a little irreverent here, perhaps I am. I did post that YMCA video of Cardinal Tagle yesterday. It was fun – and it was not making fun of, that I can promise you. The temptation to post Papal peeps is strong, but alas, I shall only link.

So,what then is so serious and for real here today? I have started off shakily for some, I’m sure. Here’s the thing… Mock me if you wish, but it is the truth. I truly believe in the Holy Spirit’s presence and power at the conclave. Well, the Holy Spirit everywhere!

Yes, I believe that the Holy Spirit will guide the conclave.

Can humans muck up the Holy Spirit? Well, perhaps to a certain extent; I think that we see evidence of that all over the place.

But can humans muck it up for all time?

I don’t think so.

I am not obsessed with the conclave, but I am paying attention. Do I have favorites? Certainly. I like the aformentioned, Cardinal Chito Tagle. He’s a bit young however; not that he could not do it, but he would be pope for a potentially very, very long time. I’m not sure about that.

cardmalley01aYou know who I like even more, Cardinal Sean O’Malley of Boston, the laughing friar to the right in this photo. Anyone who could take over that mess and make some sense, offer some healing – that appeals to me. Cardinal Dolan is not a favorite for me, nor is Cardinal Donald Wuerl.  Read about them here, grouped as the Americans.

Cardinal Sandri of Argentina may show some promise.

As if any of this is up to me! I can tell you that in 2005, I was sitting at my desk at 770 Broadway in New York City. One of my employees came in, very excited, jubilant actually, telling me that Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger was elected pope. I could not believe it and I immediately started crying; I was so unhappy and disappointed. It was a *shakes fist at God* moment for me.

But somehow, in the end, I am much more agreeable about Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI than I will ever be about Blessed Pope John Paul II. They both did good things, they both did awful things.

Haven’t you? We are all human. I’m sure that even Gandhi had his moments.


But back to my original thought, and one that I do want everyone to be aware of, in the odd event that you care. I truly do believe in the Holy Spirit, suffused with wisdom and grace, bringing light and hope. All in due time, anyway.

My saints that I am praying with for intercession are Cardinal Bernadin, Bl. Archbishop Oscar Romero, and most importantly, Bl. Pope John XXXIII. 4.2.7But the bulk of my prayers are the same, as I intone in my head, Veni Sancte Spiritus, or Come, Holy Spirit. I am a woman of great hope; what can I tell you.

5 thoughts on “Conclavian blogging – the Holy Spirit edition

  1. I am staying away from Vatican posts and articles, but how could I stay away from one of yours? So I came and am happy I came. I did cry too when Cardinal Ratzinger was elected. There must be quite a few of us around in this situation. As to who will become Pope and will he change something… Inch’ Allah, as my Muslim sisters and brothers would say. My Catholic woman’s heart feels worn out at this time. Let us see…
    I too am a fan, a ‘follower’, of the Holy Spirit 🙂
    Thank you, Fran. A really good post.


    • Claire, my friend and my sister in Christ. It can be so discouraging, but God never lets us down. The hard part, for me anyway, is coming to know that my presence and my ministry may not result in something that I see and experience. Like water dripping on a rock, I can only ask for the grace to keep on slowly dripping; in unison with you and others.


  2. Claire’s comment really resonates with me. I am mildly curious, but all the TV hype turns me off. Good to read this blog for a course correction on how to look at the whole thing. And the music is wonderful. Spiritus choir has sung that many times and especially during Rev. Chava’s ordination by the Roman Catholic Women Priests Assoc.


  3. I am hoping for Cardinal Tagle as well. I am praying that the announcement will be: “Cardinalus Lodovicus Antonius Tagle”! (I already figured out how they would say it in Latin.) I will admit, I had misgivings when the announcement was: “Cardinalus Josephus….” My heart sank. But there is a difference between being the head of the CDF and being the Pope, and Benedict showed us that he knew the difference.

    I am praying that the cardinals will listen to the Holy Spirit.


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