Enjoy the Silence

demotivator_writers_blockMy mind has been a jumble with numerous thoughts. In fact, my “writing prompts” folder is fuller than ever. There seems to be a problem however.

I. Can’t. Write. A. Word.

There is no real reason that I can tell. I’m pretty happy, school has come to an end, and graduation is almost here. The other day I filled out a form and it asked for my level of education, and for the first time ever, I checked the box for having a masters degree. That felt good. But, no real writing has come forth. Who knows why? Not me!

Today I read this post, entitled Keep Speaking Like a Woman, which talks about women writing for the academy, but has elements that apply to any of us who write for any reason. If you are a writer and/or a woman, I think you will want to read the link; it is a big, big wow.

In the meantime, keep my place for me, I will return. Enjoy the silence. And this very favorite Depeche Mode song of mine!

8 thoughts on “Enjoy the Silence

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  3. There are times when one needs to lay fallow. It may be one of those times, Fran. Scary, surely, but productive in the end.
    With you in thoughts and prayer.


  4. “To everything there is a season” and I’m sure you are gathering all kinds of fuel for future writing even though you may not realize it. Interestingly, my friend rescued a bunch of books that her local library was discarding. She shared some of them with me. The first one I picked up yesterday was Julia Cameron’s THE SOUND OF PAPER which addresses your situation with amazing eloquence and insight. Grab a copy and read. The writing will come…


  5. I’d hazard a guess that you’re not the only person feeling the verbal overload these days: school, church, life…there’s so much that demands a response and sometimes, I just want to dig in my heels and not say a thing. Just on principle. Not a thing.

    And yet, I see the irony of posting here today. Arghhhh.


  6. Fran, what a beautiful post to express where you are at. This too shall pass. Loved the Speaking Like Woman blog! Brilliant! Thank you.


  7. I totally understand that feeling. It is always disconcerting to wonder if the well has run dry. Just remember that this too shall pass ….

    And congrats on the master’s degree!


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