No more pencils, no more books! Well, not really…

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Thanks be to God, and to the many people who supported me in so many ways, I graduated! My husband and stepdaughter put up with the most challenges, such as extended absences due to class, study, or just my preoccupation with staring at the computer while trying to write a paper.

I am grateful for the support I received both practically and spiritually from my home parish of St. Edward the Confessor, Clifton Park, and my work parish, the Church of the Immaculate Conception, Glenville.

There were my professors, all of whom offered great and generous gifts of both challenge and knowledge. The staff also gave without reservation – both the Albany staff, and the Rochester staff. My classmates and peers cannot be left out here, either.

And then there are the many, many, many people who generously prayed, talked, suggested, cajoled and so much more. Thank you one and all.

So today, I who never thought I would ever return to school, have a Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies from St. Bernard’s School of Theology and Ministry.

What will I do with it? Frame it and hang it on the wall, silly!


11 thoughts on “No more pencils, no more books! Well, not really…

  1. I would like to think that any study in theology would ultimately (regardless of professional accomplishments) help us to be better disciples. CONGRATULATIONS!!! A lot of work, sacrifice , seemingly endless reading and papers go into a degree. It’s worth the effort, if for no other reason than we may have learned a thing or two.


    • Thank you, Neil! It is a gift to see you here on the blog. I am so often asked what I will “do” now, or perhaps, why I even followed this course of study… The answer is in my heart, and discipleship is at the heart of the matter. That – and I love to learn. So no more pencils or books? Maybe no more school – for the moment – but let the learning continue.

      Thanks again!


  2. Congratulations, dearest Fran! The world is in great need of theologians with hearts and pastors who embody the love of God. St. Bernard’s did us all a favor by helping you to continue developing your natural gifts.



  3. LOVE the title, implied life long learning and the photos Fran. What a happy time in your life. SO very proud of you.


  4. Kudos and Congrats! Now, remember what should really “commence” (if it hasn’t already) in your ministry, Fran: comfort the afflicted, and afflict the comfortable! *cough* dudes in magenta *cough*


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