My empty word file mocks me and other tales of writing (updated)

tumblr_inline_mjpyglF4VQ1qz4rgpLately I have been at many events where writing comes up, and people say things like, “tell me about your blog?” *sigh* My ego happily grabs my business cards from my purse and tosses them like a spray of confetti on New Year’s Eve. Simultaneously my seemingly unstoppable jaw flaps with phrases like “Oh, I just write about faith and real life, that kind of thing.”

Except for when I don’t. You see, I haven’t written too much lately. Kind of like one of my favorite anti-heroes Peter Gibbons, from the movie Office Space, I stare at my computer a lot, along with all my notes, and it might look like I’m working. But I am not.

If you are a regular reader, you know this. If you are among those who picked up the confetti, you will quickly notice this. And I have been struggling with this off and on for some time now. Oh, the writer’s life!

First it was finishing up that last semester. Then it was graduation. Now it is… well, it is… I have a very big deadline approaching. Things were going along, and then thought I was there, but then I started to revisit and edit. So, about being there? Maybe not so much.tumblr_m1tmz8sgIp1r82bbmo1_500I do have things that I want to write about and I will be back. Hope versus optimism, a thought I got from a post written by Bridget at Women In Theology. Other thoughts focus on the catholicity of being a Catholic Christian, which got a boost from this post by Jana Bennett at Catholic Moral Theology, inspired by an editorial from Matt Malone, SJ, editor of America Magazine. There are a lot of short scriptural reflections on my mind, but never on paper these days.

BPA0305RF1238-MAnd what about the sacraments that I want to write about? There is a big draft about baptism that I have been wrestling with. Wisely or not, I would like to write about LGBT issues in the Church, and that is rolling around in the back of my brain. Pope Francis provides me with endless fodder, including the recent flap about who gets saved.  (Updating by adding this link from Stephen Colbert.) And my desires to write about Holy Orders, or how we might be church going forward, and why the Eucharist matters, are far greater than my ability to do so, as of this moment. The list goes on and on.

And what about the posts about hearing three great theologians in recent times? From Elizabeth Johnson CSJ in April, to Anthony Gittins C.S.Sp.,  and Richard Gaillardetz PhD in May, I am awash in thought about all of them.

Family_Guy_Get_Me_Started_Black_Shirt_POPPlus, the Fortnight for Freedom is coming, and I have promised to submit two pieces to Catholic Sensibility during those dates. No – not about the Fortnight for Freedom, which you do not want to get me started about – but for the Two Weeks of Worthy Women series that blog host Todd Flowerday initiated during the first Fortnight for Freedom. Last year I wrote about Thea Bowman and Gertrude of Helfta. This year… well, you will have to wait and see.

And I do have a family, the desire to spend time with them, as well as read books, garden, walk my dog, and sleep. Let’s not forget the full time employment either!

So that’s where I’m at. If you are a reader, I beg your patience. If you are new, maybe you will poke around and see what I have said before. Things like this, or this, or maybe this?


14 thoughts on “My empty word file mocks me and other tales of writing (updated)

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  2. I feel your pain. We all experience a fallow period sometimes. Hang in there! I have faith in your writing … it’ll come back, in spades.


    • The funny thing is that I can actually write – but I just don’t feel great about the thoughts that want to be written. Yet I must put them on paper and see what is revealed! Thanks.


  3. Fran, so busy for a great explanation of hectic article. However this one sentence had me laughing: : :”So that’s where I’m AT:’ As a kid my dad always corrected us by asking if we were between the “a” and the “t’?. Things will calm down at some time and you will get back in its rhythm. peace, magy stelling


    • Magy, I was reviewing this post, as it will appear elsewhere in an edited version, and when we got to that line, I immediately thought of you and this comment! Thanks so much for your presence!


  4. I love this… a blog about all the blogs you want to write about! Brilliant, like mentioning Stephen Colbert 🙂 Also, how do you know Richard Gaillardetz? At my end, still trying to align my brain and my body… let’s call it jetlag for now. It’s a great excuse!


    • Hi Maria! Ah yes, my writing about not writing… that’s my story right now!

      I had the great pleasure of attending a theological study day this past Saturday, that was presented by Richard Gaillardetz. I was quite familiar with him and his work, but to hear him speak, what a gift!

      Hang in there and get yourself back to where you need to be after your fantastic journey!


      • another circle where we intersect, Fran. Richard Gaillardetz is a dear friend! we were classmates at the University of Texas and worked together as students at the Catholic Student Center there! Another life ago, me thinks…


        • Facebook and blogging always remind me of how small the world is, how God knits us all together! That is so interesting, that you were students together. He was such an amazing speaker, really remarkable.


  5. Fran, I find it helpful to carry a microcassette recorder with me. I leave mine in the car. When I have a good idea for my dissertation, I record the idea with the date and time. Transcription is often easier than thinking of new ideas at the keyboard. Nowadays, with hands-free cellphones, talking to yourself is not unusual.


    • Jordan, you have no idea how often I have thought of that. I probably have something on my phone that will work the same way. It is keeping those ideas when I do have them – which is often when I am driving – that would help. Thanks from coming by!


  6. you handed out much food for thought for me to digest! with arthritis and fibromyalgia pain that limits my time at the computer, I don’t get to all the blogs even once a week, but I always welcome your posts. less from you in quantity, still it’s the quality that counts!


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