There Will Be Alms

Portrait of the Almoner

Portrait of the Almoner

When I read this in the Times Union today, I started to cry. Some folks are sick of the papal mania that so many of us are experiencing, some are grateful, more cautious. I admit it, I am in pretty deep with Pope Francis.

The office of almoner is being put into a more full effect than in the past. I think of what this could mean around the globe, as we all take Pope Francis’ words to heart when he says, Don’t wait for people to come ringing. You need to go out and look for the poor,” The new almoner is Archbishop Konrad Krajewski.

The Vatican Almoner

The Vatican Almoner

To which I say – praise God. Or in more Ignatian terms, Pope Francis was formed as a Jesuit after all, AMDG!

This is not just about helping the poor, although reaching out to those in need is essential. I am struck by how this helps those of us who are spiritually impoverished. What a gift of grace for the world.

And with the admonition to go out, not “wait for people to come ringing!” With that, we are all instructed with what to do.

So today – there will be alms. And may there be alms, every day.


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  1. I cannot express enough gratitude to Our Holy Father for the way in which he lives the Gospel and thus shows us how to live as Christ calls us to live. Thank you for sharing this – I too am weeping from reading this.


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