A lot on my mind

lot-on-my-mindYes, I am still here. It’s been a short while. Last week was very busy, I was attending and teaching at our fabulous annual diocesan catechetical conference, Spring Enrichment. This week has been busy catching up on everything that I did not get done last week.

Spring Enrichment was outstanding, and all is well, but I do have some things that are on my mind. Pardon the terrible bible pun image, and read on!

1. The “file” in my mind marked, SLAGIATT (seemed like a good idea at the time) is overstuffed.

2. The list of things that I want to write about is very long and is a bit crowded out by the aforementioned SLAGIATT.

Tropical-green-smoothie-23. Making one small change can make a world of difference. Due to some health concerns, I began to make myself a smoothie every morning for breakfast. The idea of such a thing was totally skeevy to me, but I had to do something. Now I am deeply unhappy if I can’t have my drink for breakfast and while the health issue resolved itself, I know that this has improved my overall well-being.

4. There is far too much dualistic thought in the world. Is it rooted in fear? Or perhaps anger? As a former longtime sufferer of this condition, I wonder and worry about the intellectual, cultural, and spiritual impact of how divided we can be.

410px-Lemaitre5. Along those lines, religion and science are not incompatible, especially the Roman Catholic religion. Immediate examples would be Pierre Teilhard de Chardin SJ, Brother Guy Consolmagno SJ, Michelle Francl, Margaret Blackie, Georges Lemaître, the list goes on and on. Really. Last week my pastor, Fr. Patrick Butler, offered a great class on this very topic at Spring Enrichment.

I agree that the anti-science mentality that seems to be taking over many minds has its roots in a particular viewpoint of faith, but that is but one viewpoint. Saying that getting rid of the influence of churches would save the world is not that far down the spectrum from deciding that getting rid of an entire people might do the same.

6. Onto lighter topics, I love to cook, which I do with wild abandon and typically whatever is on hand. Baking requires precision, a skill that one might not look to me for. However I baked a strawberry-rhubarb crumble last night, complete with finding out that I was short one ingredient and that I lacked the correct pan. Forging ahead, I must express shock that it turned out really well.

images7. Back to the continuum of dualism, social media is not all evil and dark, but many church people are afraid of it. Even if it is evil and dark, don’t we want to shine the Light of Christ there? And how often are we told not to be afraid? And if you don’t want to be on social media, fine. But please don’t get upset with those of us who do.

That our new shepherd here in Albany is on Facebook is a great thing. Staying out of the dualism trap, it is not bad that Bishop Emeritus Howard Hubbard was not on social media.

8. Never in a million years would I have imagined that I would be published. Yet I am. It is a great gift that humbles and thrills me. Now going back to item 2 on this list, I need to write more. In any event, my gratitude to God and to many friends and mentors is unending. Thank you!

Messy_storage_room_with_boxes9. I really do love my job, which makes me a very grateful and blessed person – both to have a job and to truly love what I do. Add this to the list, me – a secretary? Hahahaha! I was like Murphy Brown running through bad secretaries, with one or two notable exceptions over a 28 year period.

When people think that I am “just” the secretary I must smile, because there is no more sacred spot than my own, greeting all who come to the church for whatever reason. But please don’t ask about my filing practices or neatness. And don’t ask my boss!

ReceivingDegree10. For so many years I dreamed of getting a masters degree in theology or divinity. Such a thing seemed impossible. Thanks to the wisdom and generosity of this Roman Catholic community that welcomed a stranger as if I were a daughter and sister, I ended up with a Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies. Not exactly what I thought about, but exactly what should have happened.

11. Pope Francis! Who would have thunk it? Continually amazed. That is all!

12. Work beckons! Thus the list endeth, the rant endeth! Thanks for reading. Tell me what is on your mind in the comments!


4 thoughts on “A lot on my mind

  1. A propos of the dualistic thinking relative to social media (for church, community building, and everything else), this article fed into my emailbox this morning. I view these more like “fatal flaws” than “silly things” that are impeding digital ministry: http://bit.ly/1gkKwC1


  2. I think that people who downgrade others must have too much time on their hands, including the media who publish weekly newspapers that I consider trash. That’s why I like Brian Williams’ nightly news. He often ends his newscast with people who are trying to make this world a better place. I know that when our parish secretary retired, two people were hired in her place. That tells how invaluable a secretary is, whether it be parish or school. Everything runs more smoothly when people like you are on the job. blessings


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