A Distinctly Disquieting Silence

silenceIt is a different kind of quiet. Not the silence of no one home for the moment, it is not the same as that at all. This silence has a depth and texture to it, heretofore unknown in these parts. I’m all for quiet, but this version… has a distinctly disquieting aspect to it.

Let me back up for a moment. When Mark and I married in 2007, his daughter Erica, a young woman who I was already very close with, officially became my stepdaughter. She was with us very frequently, always on Friday, Sunday, and Monday nights no matter what, and every morning. When high school started, she moved in with us pretty much full time, which was a gift.

When I first met Erica in 2004, she was 8 years old and she was at once timid and fierce. The day we met she had her face firmly buried in the safety of her dad’s arm. When he couldn’t get her to talk to me, I noted that I wished that I had someone’s arm to hide in myself! That made her laugh, and from there on in, we were set.

Part of our commitment to married life was that Erica would be a part of everything – and so she was. We truly embraced our commitment to one another as a family and we have been spending time together all these years. As she got older, she would be out or away more often, but she always came back. The silence communicated more of a “see you later.” The room in disarray, clothes draped on furniture, papers scattered, books piled up, and shopping bags everywhere.

EricaThingsThis past week the moment that we have all been waiting for came, and we dropped our beautiful girl off at college. This is a great time in her life, and in ours as well, but what an adjustment. The whirlwind that led up to the departure had us all in a high gear. Now the house is more orderly and very quiet.

Today it seems we are at a doorway or a gate, that opens to lead us all to new places. Who knows where we will go, but I do know this… for the moment, the distinctly disquieting silence shapes our days. We respond by doing our typical tasks and activities. None of this is bad, it is just different!

Today we hear the noise of no noise – a new sound that rings throughout the house and our hearts.


19 thoughts on “A Distinctly Disquieting Silence

  1. Bless you on this new part of life. It’s hard, I know. I had a ready made son, too, who lived with us full time from the beginning and visited his mom occasionally.


  2. How often we wish for silence when our lives are busy all the time. Then when it comes, we wonder if it’s a gift or curse. As you said, it is just different, but can be a hard to acclimate to it.


  3. Well said! All of our kids have been on their own for quite some time now; but life is all the richer for us as they forge ahead with dreams and goals of their own. (Not to mention Mark and me being blessed with three grandbabies now, who give us such joy!) Enjoy growing with the journey.


    • Marie! Thanks for your comment – and I am sorry about the delay in getting it posted. I’m not sure how to remedy it, but I can’t seem to approve comments off of my phone any more, and I was not near a computer for days. You have three grandbabies now?!Wow, how great!


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