Saturday Lazy Blogger Edition

Can_call_you_back_Im_with_piece_of_string_Cartoon_print_by_Leo_Cullum_Published_in_The_New_Yorker_on_17_2005It hit me this morning… I have neglected you little bloggy blog, and you brilliantly beautiful blog readers. Nothing is wrong, just my typical post Christmas slowdown. In any case, if you are a new reader, welcome. If you have been with me for long or short while, thank you. If you found your way here today due to reading my reflection today in Give Us This Day – I am grateful that you made the journey.

Anyway, the cartoon to the left kind of says where I am. January  is typically my lazy month. In reality, I have been busy here, doing some January-ish things, such as cleaning and organizing. Also, I have some talks/teaching/retreats/travel coming up, not to mention some writing deadlines, so there’s that. In the very near future I will post about some Lenten resources to use, and other various odds and ends.

LindedToPrayer-1FWIW, I will be present at a diocesan inservice to be held at the Church of St. Ambrose in Latham. The afternoon is “Linked In To Prayer,” with keynote speaker, and great friend of mine, Larry Rice, CSP.  One of the breakouts, “Where Two or Three Are Gathered… Online” will be facilitated by me. See the image to the right for details. Although aimed at parish workers, if you have an inclination to come and want to register – please do so!

And  yes, click on this to make it bigger!

What else? On Tuesday, February 3 at 7pm, I will offer an evening event at the Church of the Immaculate Conception, “Lord, Teach Us How To Pray.” Yes, you’ve got it, an evening on different ways to pray – some of them may surprise you!  All are welcome, please call 399-9168 for further details.

c7436399a73f244b20fc7f9ca16e12caabcb983d1db8295d95db3a493a3a7ff5From February 12-14 I will be in “Charm City” – also known as Baltimore, MD for the Middle Atlantic Congress. If you are there, please find me at the Clear Faith Publishing booth – please say hello and see our array of books from Homilists for the Homeless, and more! We are also very excited to present, in conjunction with World Library Publications, a bonus evening event, The Sights and Sounds of Mercy in the Age of Pope Francis on Friday. Details are here at the link. Featured will be Bro. Mickey McGrath OSFS and James Martin SJ, among others. Please join us if you are there.

Anyway, that’s it for now. I’m looking outside and enjoying the sunshine, but trying to ignore the frigid temperatures. Ignore them no longer, out I go into the cold!

Thank you for walking, reading, and sharing the bread of life with me! Let us all not only pray for peace, but find ways, however small, to be peace.


4 thoughts on “Saturday Lazy Blogger Edition

  1. I did find my way here today from reading your reflection, “A Compelling Call” in Give Us This Day today and I really enjoyed it. Good thoughts about following Jesus’ call.


  2. Hi Fran,
    Yes, I too found my way here after I was so pleasantly surprised to see that today’s Reflection was yours! Once again I found your words very meaningfull and inspiring.

    Thank you!


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