Say yes

Silence. Listening. Emptying. Filling. Receiving. Giving.

Today I offer you a repost from a few years ago, with some questions… What seemingly impossible things are we called to say yes to today? What is in the space between God and our yes that makes for miracles? How will we each bring Christ into the world without reservation?


3 thoughts on “Say yes

  1. I recently read something that stopped me in my tracks and filled with peace:
    “When you say “yes” to what is, you become aligned with the power and intelligence of Life itself. Only then can you become an agent for positive change in the world”
    Eckhart Tolle, Stillness Speaks

    I am so certain that everyone of us experiences the Annunciation at one or more times in our life…


  2. That’s a great collection of “Annunciations”, w/ all the different reactions that (the very human) Mary could have had.


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