About that camino…

6It hardly seems real that in a little over one year from now, Sue and I will be boarding a plane to begin our Camino Santiago. Such a thing would not be possible without the outpouring of support received from so many of you. And how I thank you for that on-going support – not simply material support, for which I am deeply grateful, but for the tremendous friendship, love, encouragement, prayer and more that comes to me every day from so many. There truly are no words.

questions-and-anwers-5-728If I know you, I have your email. To those of you generous ones who I do not know… please leave a comment here, or simply send me your email at festinalente07 at gmail. To all of you who who donated, if I don’t have your snail mail address, and if you are willing, please also send my way so that I can (eventually) send a handwritten thank you. You may not feel that it is necessary, but I would like to do so!

I’ve been slow to post updates on GoFundMe (although this one will be there) because I don’t want you all to have inboxes flooded with emails, and Facebook and Twitter feeds with the same. Also, it makes me uncomfortable, as if with every post I am asking for more – which I am not. As a result, I would like to shift updates for those who wish to follow to an email platform. This way I can send periodic updates about the money and where it is being spent, or how it is being saved. Complete transparency is what I am hoping to provide. If you have questions, just ask me!

When I first6207296_orig posted on July 25, 2015, I really thought it would take a year to get donations, and I never expected to meet, let alone surpass my goal. It is such an overwhelming privilege to have your support, so much of it and so quickly. Your prayerful support, both now and when we go is greatly appreciated, so for those of you who say, “I can only give my prayers” I reply, “ONLY?! Are you kidding, your prayers are the fuel in our camino gas tank!”

aura_0351vSsFfrn0L__SX395_So now what? Well, I have several backpacks that I am pondering; I am pretty much set on one, and the other three will go back. One pair of hiking boots that I ordered online is too small, awaiting the replacement. After going back and forth on sleeping bag/no sleeping bag, I got one as it was 40% off, and I have up to one year to return it.

DSCN3932Mostly I am focused on the practice of walking. I did have an injury a little over three weeks ago when I fell on our stairs, because I was rushing around. Honestly, I do believe I have had a miracle healing, as I am doing well now, thanks be to God. That said, I am not pushing myself too hard yet, as I want the foot to be healed for real. Slowly I build up my strength! But I do walk each day. The next step is to go out and do some hill hikes, and to start wearing my pack – with stuff in it.

As for the money that will not be spent for the pack and shoes, it will stay in the bank for now. Other clothing will need to be purchased, such as two pairs of pants, some socks, and so forth. That will come later. Then the big purchase of airline tickets, but that is not for some time. I am trying to figure out the best time to buy tickets.

cropped-singlestepheader32That is it for now.  Please let me know your address and if you wish to be on an email list regarding camino updates, or just follow the blog. I don’t want to be a pest, so if you do not want updates, let me know! My gratitude to one and all is so profound. If you have any prayer needs now – or then, please send them my way – I already have a camino prayer list. I will take any and all prayer requests with me, so don’t be shy! Our goal is to leave on or about September 17, 2016. Here is a photo of the two pilgrims, Sue and me, taken on

Our camino hashtag - #SueFranCamino2016

Our camino hashtag – #SueFranCamino2016

Sunday, September 13, 2015. Ultreia et suseia!


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  1. I am also very excited for you Fran! I had hoped to travel the Camino by now but it hasn’t materialized – perhaps one day. Please know that you are in my prayers as you prepare for this deeply spiritual journey!!


  2. The pilgrim has been called to create and externalization of a sacred space that is happening interiorly. We have a compelling need to build something in the outer world that is being built in the inner world. It is form of a rite of passage. It is separating from the ordinary in order to open ourselves up by putting ourselves in a new liminal or disorienting space in order to come home to who we really are. This is why we can visit a certain place for a very short time and it might feel more at home than our ordinary home. Because what we get in touch with is our authentic home, interiorly.


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