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c546df81-4701-4652-85bc-de965348701c_profilePray, share, give. That’s what I am looking for. You see, today is my birthday. My only regret is that my aging, addled, overstimulated, overtired brain did not think of this post sooner. Anyway, I did think of it, so here is my pray, share, give idea that I am asking for your help with today!

I’m not sure why this particular situation is hitting me in the way that it is, but I am kind of consumed with it. The photo above is of John and Frances Smersh; they are friends of a social media friend of mine. He posted this You Caring fundraising link, Support the Smershes, on Facebook yesterday. Frances is an artist/jewelry designer who has been diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s at the age of 48. Yes – 48.

Maybe it is because I see a great deal of the ravages of Alzheimer’s Disease in my work, on those who suffer, as well as on their loved ones, but for whatever reason, I am really taken with their story. Anyway, I posted the link, made a small donation and shared the link on Facebook and Twitter.

Today I realize that what I would like for my birthday is for people who read this to do one or more of the following things, if you are so inclined…. Pray, share, give.

Pray: Please pray for the Smershes and for their circle of loved ones and caregivers. Pray for those who suffer from Alzheimer’s at age, and for those around them. Pray for comfort, care, compassion. Pray for a cure. But please, bring prayer or some loving awareness to those in need. It could turn out to be any of us, and many of us have already experienced the pain and loss of the disease.

Share: If you are on social media, please share the Support the Smershes link wherever you can. If everyone does that, imagine the ripple effect of awareness.

Give: If you can, make a donation to the Smershes. Don’t want to give to the Smershes? Then give to whomever or whatever moves you, or has touched your life. Feel funny about giving small amounts, like $5? If everyone gave $5… do the math. It would be huge. Can’t give money? Can you give time? Perhaps there is a local Alzheimer’s support group where you can volunteer. At my parish, there is a group that helps with respite care, doing shopping or errands for families, and more. An infrequent hour of your time here and there can change lives.

One last thing at large. Can we please pray, share, and give to the idea of a more just and humane medical situation in the US? People are crushed by the diseases and illnesses that they face, then they are often crushed by the debt that comes with such things. Maybe my biggest birthday wish is unrealistic, but it is my hope indeed. If you are inclined to shrug your shoulders, those of you with incredible medical insurance, please think again. Even you may be subject to this one day, or a family member. Suddenly facing hundreds of thousands of dollars in care costs can happen to anyone. Is this OK? Please think about it – then do something.

Anyway, that is my birthday wish for the world – to pray, share, give. Thanks for reading and hopefully joining in!


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