Gun rack in the manger redux

sandy-hook-child-victim-collageOn December 5 I published one of the most-read posts for this blog, A gun rack in the manger. Today I will post the link to it, and a bit more. I am very weary of the violence in our nation. My weariness stems from societal, economic, cultural, and religious challenges that keep us from doing anything concrete in the wake of the death of the Children of Sandy Hook. Today is the third anniversary of the slaughter. God have mercy.

Here is the link to the original blog, A gun rack in the manger. Here is a link to remind you that ever since Sandy Hook a child 12 or under has died every other day from gun violence. If you are a religious person and you can rationalize this, please elaborate. It is slow motion carnage. If that many children were killed at once by gun violence, maybe we would do something. On the other hand, I am distressed to consider that we might not.

Where is our conscience? Where is our faith? Where is our ability to be do-ers of the word and not only hear-ers of the word? Maybe you, like me, already sign every petition, call and write to elected officials, and use other means, such as social media, to bring the issue to light. When I consider that the head of the NRA is too busy making racist sounding videos that contain misinformation and propaganda to talk about dead children, I see how poorly we are doing. If he makes this video and if the NRA is so strong, it is because our national will to deal with this matter is weak, if not non-existent.

We love to tell people how much they have to sacrifice to be saved… If they are “sinners” they must let go, if they are poor, they should work more or eat less, or some such nonsense. In another context, we want the “good Muslims, the moderate Muslims” to deal with their ill-advised brothers and sisters. Well – what about us? What about actual sacrificial giving? What if we dug deep into our own desires and said that no matter how responsible a level of gun owner we are, that we were willing to act. Maybe even giving up our guns. I use the collective we, I would rather die myself than to own or use a firearm.

I am disgusted by our nation and I am frustratedd by what appear to my own Sisyphean efforts to create meaningful change. Today I rededicate myself to continue working behind the scenes – and writing about this anytime soon.


Curious about this little guy? Check that link to read about his tragic death. Rest in peace, little man.

Pope Francis was correct when he said, “Christmas is a charade because the whole world is at war.” We are at war here in the US, with ourselves, and our lust for power and violence. I am furiously angry at this, and wanting to turn the energy generated from that anger into the heat of action. If you are unsure or unclear about what I am saying, have a look at this, showing you the faces of just a few of the 544 – yes FIVE HUNDRED FORTY FOUR other children 12 and under who have been killed as a result of gun violence. Curious about them? Here are a few of their stories… and faces.

Let us move into action. Will you join me?

Groups to support:

Coalition to Stop Gun Violence
Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America
Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence
New Yorkers Against Gun Violence

Also – contact your elected officials, best done in writing, by calling, and done over and over again.