Is now a good time?

Credit: Bob Makoff - The New Yorker

Credit: Bob Makoff – The New Yorker

Is now a good time?” If asked this, some of us might feel our inner resistance rising up like an emotional tsunami, ready to wipe out the coastline of possibility. At this time of year it is not unusual for me to have my mouth poised to say no to all sorts of things. That is why the New Yorker cartoon that you see is a perennial favorite of mine, because never always seems to be an option. Except for when it’s not.

But now is the time – right? No time like the present! It is a new day, a new week, a new month, a new year… Ugh, I feel the earthquake that precipitates the aforementioned tsunami, I can see the wall of water about to wash over me. Except, it exists only in my mind, and for once, I have to turn and walk away… rogue waves be damned. Now is the time.

As a person who is not inclined to make and proclaim any resolutions or intentions or whatever you want to call them for the new year, I do have a few ideas today. These ideas can’t be wispy, just barely out of my grasp tendrils of magical thinking. Today, now in fact, they must be formed in reality. Ugh, I hate that.

ultreiaIn approximately 259 days, give or take, my friend Sue and I will board a plane and head to Europe to begin our Camino Francés.  In my possession will be one backpack that will weigh no more than 15 pounds. Ostensibly, I will then get off said plane and make my way to St. Jean Pied du Port to begin the actual camino; my own camino has already long begun. Why did I ever have to talk about the blasted thing? Now I have to do it.

clock giphyNow. Oh, that now. Like now is the time, never is not really an option.

As the year begins here is what I wish for you, what I wish for myself, what I wish for all. That now can take on a new meaning, even for those who are already pretty much in the now. May we make good use of each moment given to us. Now many of us will do pretty much the opposite of that, squandering our time running away from what awaits us. However, another gift of now is realizing that even at our most squander-y, each next step has the potential to reorient our journey. Squander though we may, hope hides in every step about to hit the ground. (God, how I love talking to myself. It’s nice that you all read along and listen along with me…)

So how can we make now a good time for life?  One way seems to be to know that God is always there. And unlike many people, Jesus (fully human and fully divine) does not take no for an answer. There was no forcing from God, but for me there was no avoiding it. And trust me – I tried.

Yes, that is my foot, yes that is my hiking boot.

Yes, that is my foot, yes that is my hiking boot.

So what are my not-called-resolutions for myself? Now now now. My now means not writing as much as I have been, at least not here on the blog. No such luck, you are not getting rid of me, but I will likely be scare in January. Fear not, Lent comes early and I hope to blog often during that season. Other than a post about Lenten resources (#churchhnerd), I hope to attend to my camino preparation, something that will be physical, emotional, and spiritual of course. As if those things are ever divided up so neatly!

thank-you-very-muchTo each and every person reading this page – you have my complete gratitude. Thanks for always reading my little blah blah bloggity blog – or thanks for reading it for the first time! There Will Be Bread turned 6 this past August, that is a long time. Many people say blogging is dead, but not for me! This space – thanks to all of you – has become a source of comfort, hope, and refuge for me; if you get something out of my rambling nonsense, thank God for that. As I said, I am grateful to each of you, new or longtime readers, for those who comment, and those who do not, my heart is full of appreciation beyond words. It is always a bit mind blowing to see how many people visit this humble spot. I hope you won’t give up on me while I am refocusing in January!

Prayer candles

Prayer candles

Also, please be aware that even if I have no idea who you are, God does, and my prayers and intentions include all of you. As I had mentioned way back when I first brought up my camino, please send me your intentions. There appeared to be some confusion along the way, that you could not send me your prayer intentions unless you were donating to my GoFundMe. Nothing could be further from the truth… do you have a prayer intention? Please leave it in a comment — I have to approve comments, so if you do not want it published, please be clear about that. I will take note and not publish the comment! Or you can email me at festinalente07 at gmail. Please do let me know if I can add your intentions to my prayers.

For the new year? I wish you the powerful presence of grace found in each moment, whether or not we are paying attention. The grace and good of God is there. May the Light of Christ illuminate your days, even – especially during the darkest hours.

Peace, hope, joy, love, light – all right now. Although my inclination to say no – not now persists, I push into it. Please join me – or at least help push me!219d10f7871d0492728ba06b76413ed4


7 thoughts on “Is now a good time?

  1. You are such a gifted writer! Happy New Year, Fran. If you would be sure to pray for #1 son – should be easy to remember as Santiago translates to St. James – I would be very grateful. Muchas gracias.


  2. Happy New Year, Fran! You have been an inspiration to me, as I’ve struggled to maintain a blog. I let mine lapse, but I am resuscitating it. Writing and getting the most out of the NOW are what’s important for me.


  3. Happy New Year, Fran! Led here, from Twitter, via MPS, and with a little help from Wikipedia, I now know what a Camino Francés is. Your journey has indeed been going for some time – so I wish you safe travel this year from afar, not just on the road in Europe, but in your life every day.<3 Mounty


  4. One step at a time…one step for each intention…one step in the now…one step for you, dear Jesus.


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