The road ahead


The Judean desert. (Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.)


(Today’s post is a little bit of #tbt, also known as Throwback Thursday, or a day of looking back at something from the past. I have posted it before, although so long ago I forget when! It is a good reminder on our second day of Lent. May we all pray for one another.)

We all know where the pathways of our desert journey are leading, and annually many of us set out again, in search of change and transformation. The road ahead is difficult, but we press on, over and over again, following Jesus. Stepping into the wilderness, we proceed into a place that appears barren and lacking hope. Each day carries us into the wilds, the challenges, the struggles. Tempted again and again, we make our way to the Cross. There can be no resurrection without a crucifixion. And what sense would a crucifixion make if there were no resurrection? These questions stay with us, but for now, early in the pilgrimage, we place one foot before the other, praying for our souls and our very being to be at last made more whole in Christ.

This is the road ahead. Let us go forth, praying for one another.


3 thoughts on “The road ahead

  1. Fran, I never saw this post the first time you published it, so I am very grateful that that you are sharing it with your readers again. I am inspired by your words about stepping into the wilderness and the thought-provoking animated short film of “Jesus in the Wilderness” that follows them. A blessed Lent to you, my friend.


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