Catholics for Trump?

Hello readers – I have a question for you. Are any of you Catholics who support Donald Trump? I am not asking this in order to bash you and break you, I am honestly curious. If I get some good and legitimate replies, I will write more about this. Honestly, it is beyond my understanding, but I’m asking to learn more.

In order to avoid comment wars, I will ask you to comment in order to get your reply, but know that I will not publish any of the comments. Your email addresses show up for me, so I may send you a note for clarification.

If you know someone who has found a way to reconcile their Catholic faith and Trump, please pass this along to them. As I said, I do not get it, but I have questions and I do not want to fight. There is a Facebook page called Catholics for Donald Trump, but I am not sure I would trust that as a resource. There does not appear to be any group with a website; well not just yet anyway.

Please know that your confidentiality is assured unless you wish to be revealed should I write further about this topic. Thanks.

PS – People who do not love Trump, I know you do not love him. Please bear with me here!


5 thoughts on “Catholics for Trump?

  1. Fran, you are a very brave woman. and you will probably need to take a long hot shower and have a few stiff drinks later tonight. For what it’s worth, have a look at the Merton inspired post on my personal Facebook page. I know it’s not what you’re looking for here but it explains why support of Trump and his ideals has exactly zero to do with religion (and why Trump pulling the word Christian into his campaign is so inauthentic) and in fact speaks of an underdeveloped spiritual self. Frightening.

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  2. I know people who would vote for Trump even though they are moderately conservative. They think the liberal economic model is unfeasible, and they oppose abortion. They think that Trump will be a lot more moderate once he is in office. They don’t think he will be able to act on most of his extreme views. This is what I’ve been told anyway.

    There are though more extreme Conservatives. Young Catholics seek to be faithful to the Church but they get mixed messages. Where I go to school in the South, young Catholics are heavily influenced by former Protestant apologists who teach that there are certain non-negotiables and Catholics cannot under any circumstance vote for them. These Catholic fundamentalists are unfortunately promoting a kind of Catholicism that looks more like Tea Party Republicanism than anything else. The problem is education. Students want to be good Catholics and will follow anyone who offers them a model of orthodoxy. Unfortunately, the model of orthodoxy being promoted doesn’t seem very Catholic to me. Pope Francis has been condemning fundamentalism but that only emboldens fundamentalists. They think they are martyrs. Fundamentalists are people with good intentions who have not been taught the faith well. Paul thought he was being a faithful to God when he persecuted Christians. He had misunderstood God. Compassion and education go a long way to addressing fundamentalism or skepticism. This is a long (probably rambly) response to your question but I hope it adds something to the conversation.


  3. It is hard to rank who I respect the least.
    Trump seems to be the worst possible choice. But the other 4
    still in the race also leave me scared for our country.


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