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cropped-singlestepheader32It has been awhile since I have posted anything about my camino, so I thought I would pop in with an update, and to ask about any prayers or intentions you would like to send to me.

At this moment in time we are about 200 days out from departure, give or take. That number sounds comfortingly far away at some level, and terrifyingly close at another level! The good news is that I have been much more active this winter than any prior winter. The bad news is that I am not sure I have been active enough, but I’m trying. Today I did about 7.5 miles and 19 flights of stairs. What worries me is 7.5 miles with a 15 pound pack on my back!

One of my biggest concerns, and this could be the dealbreaker, will be securing a leave of absence from my job. My boss is a great man, but we have yet to work out the details. He has a right to be concerned about our small-ish office, but I will say that I have the support of my closest co-worker, who will bear the brunt. In fact, she is very much behind seeing that I get to go. Please pray that minds and hearts are open on all parts, and that God will is done. Whatever that is – well, that is what I will attempt to do with my own heart kept open. Thank you!

Despite this unresolved detail, a big unresolved detail, we press on. This week I hope to look into airfare and travel options. Some pilgrims go open-ended, but I need to be back by a certain date. While it is very easy to find flights and compare prices online, my friend’s brother-in-law owns a large scale corporate travel business, so I will seek his advice.

In the meantime, I walk and I pray, some days are better than others, but I walk, and I pray! If you have already donated, I have your name on my prayer list, which I read daily. If you have sent me intentions via email, I have them as well. One of these days I will assemble my own email list for updates, but so far I have not.

In closing, I will show you this video. Earlier in February I was at the Mid-Atlantic Congress in Baltimore. On Friday night there was what was billed as a concert, but what was really an exceptional evening of sung prayer. Tony Alonso, Jeanne Cotter, and Chris De Silva, along with others presented “Pilgrim, Wisdom Along the Way.” Sue and I both wanted to see this, as did our friend Donna Marie. Tired as we were, off we went, thinking we might duck out early. Well, we stayed all the way through this compelling evening without thinking of leaving!  The event deserves its own write up, maybe another day.  Anyway, I was already familiar with the CD “Pilgrim“from GIA Music featuring Tony Alonso, Liam Lawton, and Chris De Silva, but to experience this prayer live was amazing.

With that, I leave you with the song Pilgrim, from the CD. This music is my soundtrack for walking and for praying! And as the song says, “May God guide you.” May God guide us all!  Thank you always for your prayers and material support! Ultreia!


8 thoughts on “Pilgrim update

  1. I don’t .care if you don’t make it all the way. I do care if you don’t .try. You have hundreds hoping and praying for your success.. Just remember success is foremost about trying. Wish I .could greet you at St. JAMES Cathedral .as you drag yourself across the finish line!!!


  2. Fran, if I walked the Camino de Santiago… so will you!! remember there is no “right” way to walk the Camino… a pilgrimage you have been on ever since you said yes to the invitation!

    you have my prayers and my love to push you onward… buen Camino mi amiga!


    • I couldn’t agree more with what you wrote.
      Each Camino is different. The person who will walk with you will not walk the same Camino. Also remember that the Camino really begins once you’ve reached Santiago 🙂 or so I have heard.
      As to your backpack, see how you can lighten it. What is it that you don’t need?
      There is a reason why some people burn their clothes when they reach Finisterra… They have been used so thoroughly over the course of the Camino, they are worth a bonfire 🙂
      Blessings on your journey, Fran. Enjoy each day preparing for it.


  3. Fran, I will pray for you as you prepare and walk the Camino, thank you for your prayers. Walking along the Camino is a truly wonderful experience and following the yellow arrows truly an act of faith! I love Gerald Kelly’s phrase … And from here the Camino is wide and sandy and flat… I got quit excited to discover a fellow Camino pilgrim amongst the PFO ‘rs !!!


    • Ellen, thank you for coming by! I will be praying for you on your camino in April! We are walking the Camino Frances, starting in St Jean Pied du Port, and God willing getting to Santiago de Compostela. We hope to go to Finisterre, although I am not sure if we will do so on foot or by transport!


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