4 thoughts on “A few for Friday

  1. I’m thinking of you Fran! And I thought of you as I was walking earlier this month… I said a prayer for you at the Pilgrims Mass and then on PFO called you Lynda!! Apologies for that! How’s the walking coming along?

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  2. Hi Fran, I thought I would check out the named successor to PFO. Big shoes to fill but I am sure you´ll fill them with aplomb. Good luck with the walk. I´ll pray your feet hold up and that the autumn here in Europe is as mild this year as it was last. If you can remember my friend Clare in your prayers when walking I would appreciate it. The fight goes on and it is taking its toll.

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    • Oh Simon my dear, successor! I am not worthy. We will find a place to meet online, to gather, pray, share!

      And please be assured of my prayers for Clare, and for you.


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