Ready or not

am-i-ready-to-face-fears-of-starting-my-own-b-L-f3xoBw24 days, but who’s counting?Β  Hah. I am. How do I feel? In a word? Terrified. In a phrase, suddenly completely vulnerable and totally unprepared.

Yet, the day is coming, and on that day, we will be going.

If you have not seen the movie The Way, I recommend it. From what I am told it fluctuates starting with wildly inaccurate –Β  things like who walks on impulse, using someone else’s pack, and wearing jeans? And why don’t people have blisters? Then it becomes apparently quite believable – the walking and walking, the Camino families that form, the daily grind of walking, and the incredible grace and gift of doing just that.

Either way, at this point I am awash in self-doubt, terror, fear, and imagining all sorts of ways that I will be unprepared. This seems to be a most necessary step and invitation of being a peregrina on The Way.

(Note: before I wrote this, I had a terrible week for walking. A multitude of reasons had me less than active. Interestingly enough I got in 4 miles this morning, all before 6:30am. And I feel *slightly* less terrified!)


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  1. Courage, Fran! Take heart! We are praying with/for you as you make your preparations, and we will pray with/for you as you walk.

    As to mad things people do on long walks, I’ll never forget starting the Anapurna trail in the Himalayas with a young pup with a day pack, jeans, tshirt and worn down sneakers (may as well have been flip flops!) and a trash bag with a hole cut into it for the weather we were experiencing!

    I blush to mention that, whilst I was materially prepared, more or less, I was woefully physically underprepared and I rued the day I ever ended up walking with a marathon runner! Still, I made it and oh, what a sense of triumph it was to emerge: what euphoria!

    And how much sweeter it will be for you, I imagine, as a pilgrim . . .

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