Step by step

IMG_3679.jpgStep by step the start of the our Camino de Santiago comes closer and closer. This is where we are at today, Monday, September 5, 2016.

And yes, I am terrified. However, I am also feeling deep faith and peace at the same time, confident that God will lead us, step by step.

My other feeling is the extreme gratitude of so many people, so many, many people, who have supported me both materially and through abundant prayers. Thank you everyone, thank you God.


6 thoughts on “Step by step

  1. Terror, when it’s “holy terror” is fantastic. Remember that angels always announce their (and God’s) presence with, “fear not” and “awe of the Lord” is a reference to that holy terror. All that noted, pack arnica! Love you.

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  2. The long range weather forecast for Europe is very good. Beautiful conditions for walking. (obviously you should take any forecast with a very large dose of salt but it is comforting). Fear not. All will be well.


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