The Camino continues…


Sue and I on the way to Orrison, day 1.


Thank you for the prayers and support along the Way – we arrived home last night. My Camino partner and friend Sue and I had an exceptional journey. We did not love every minute, but how we loved it all.

Please know that all of you were held in my heart as I walked. In The Camino defied every expectation, physical, emotional, spiritual. It was more of all than I could have ever imagined. Maybe that is the most important thing, imagining is nothing, it is only made real as one walks.


Deb, me, Sue, & Jen

My cat decided that I should wake up earlier than I planned, so I decided to once again watch the movie The Way. As much as I thought I would recognize places, I did not recognize so many, although I was aware that places were “out of order” when I did recognize them! Hey, it was a movie, so that’s OK. What struck me as the most accurate thing in the film was the sense of community and friendship on the Camino, it really got that part right! For me the Camino is forever intertwined with such beautiful people, whether I met them for a moment, or if I walked with them for days. The Camino is a place where people live generously, and that is what I hope to carry home more than anything.

Three photos for today – our beginning, our geographical middle, and our arrival in Santiago. The end? There is no end, as the Camino continues in ways yet untold. How grateful I am, and how grateful I continue to be. More to follow.


The arrival at the Cathedral


4 thoughts on “The Camino continues…

  1. Hello Fran! So glad to hear you are home and that you had an amazing experience. Of course we knew you would! We prayed for you and your walking companions everyday!


  2. What a blessing! I commend you and your friends on your perseverance and thank you for taking us all with you “along the Way.”


  3. Dear Fran
    Wow, congratulations, you did it, fellow perrogrino , delighted for you , what an achievement ! I remember crying when I got my Compestella it felt such an achievement; I remember so well Sue and I sat in the garden ‘ phoned our families , but also said Thank you St James !
    Much love and many , many congratulations fellow pilgrim,


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