January 20, 2017


What a Google search for January 20, 2017 revealed. Not exactly edifying.

The text below is something that I posted to Facebook earlier, with minor edits. What is interesting to me is that when I went to Google images for the words January 20, 2017 this screenshot above shows what I found.Make of that what you will – especially for those who may wish that there were no protests. My protest? I wish peace to all and good for our nation, that is my wish, period. Now, may we all do something to get there.

On my mind:
*Protest is a valid form of democracy, I would add that peaceful protest and non-violent resistance have a long history that we see used by many from Jesus to Gandhi to MLK to Merton and many others whose names are unknown to us.

*Please do not imply or state or ask those who wish to protest peacefully to not do so out of respect. Again, protesting is guaranteed to us by our Constitution.

*Please remember that in pretty much every chapter of history, when we see peaceful protest curtailed or denied, it is usually a sign of silencing an opposition. There are many history books to reference, and moments in time.

*If you are worried about a lack of respect for the office of the president, I can relate. That said, were you as concerned about a lack of respect for that office when numerous people, our president-elect among them, continued to insisted (many still insist) that Obama was a Kenyan born Muslim? Or when that woman in West Virginia compared Michelle Obama to an animal in fine footwear?

*Were you among those who were disgusted and repelled by what happened during the Clinton years in the 90’s regarding sexual relationships? Were or are you as disgusted or repelled by the attitude of the incoming president regarding women and sexuality?

*Are you grateful because you feel a clear-speaking voice is going to tell it like it is? If so, have you read a comprehensive history of said voice’s Twitter feed?

*Do you think it is time for African Americans, Muslims, undocumented immigrants, LGBTQ people, women in general – well, the outspoken ones anyway, plus any other “special interest group” to all take their proper place, and essentially shut up?

I’m not judging your answers, I am simply asking the questions as someone who was at times, (and I regret this) publicly disdainful of the 43rd president. Allow me to say, this does not mean I regret protests, but it does mean that I regret some of the forms I used at that time.

So yes – we can all grow, change, and evolve. Can we do that together for some greater sense of the common good for all? Or is it about what it best for me-and-mine or us, meaning our own group or tribe, or what our version of what might be best for such an enormous nation? Such a big world? And for those of us who profess faith – for all of God’s creation?

Anyway, these are thoughts on my mind today. I am going to try to stay away from social media. Remember that I am more interested in peaceful protest versus name calling and demeaning. Keep those things if you comment..Those comments will likely not be approved until at least tomorrow. Now go be part of the change you wish to see in the world.


2 thoughts on “January 20, 2017

  1. I like to think that God works through us. The lack of the flash, bang, miracles in my life suggests He is more subtle than to deliver my wishes wrapped in a bow. Looking for some sign of hope that God will deliver us from the worst of what has been promised on the campaign trail, I see that the President has the worst opinion poll ratings of an incoming President. His inaugural speech didn´t really seek to heal the national rift that he has widened so I would expect the ratings to deteriorate from here on and any negative spill over to the ruling party will, no doubt, see push back against the worst of his divisive goals. It´s not often that I think Republican congressmen are likely to be “God´s little helpers” but I think they may be over the coming four years. I live in hope anyway.


  2. Fran,

    This is one of your best posts. It’s a different time than it was a mere 90 days ago and somehow we will have to remain faithful, in light of all the assults on human dignity.


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