Lent, shorter


The Jordanian Desert – 2006

I had this great blog post planned for Ash Wednesday, all about going into the desert, looking to those who annoy us the most for important self-understanding and growth, Carl Jung shadow work, plus a dose of Goofus and Gallant from Highlights magazine.

It did not happen, so here is the short cut. Lent means going into the desert, that means facing away from a lot of what constitutes daily engagement. It doesn’t mean quitting your job for 40 days, but it may mean giving up social media.

Think about the people or persons that annoy you the most. Hold their image before you, struggling a bit with the tension of that moment. (I hate doing it, but I’m going to have to give it a go.) If they are that annoying, they have something to teach us about ourselves.

jung-quotesThat goes directly to Carl Jung and shadow work. Read more here and here.

Goofus and Gallant” from Highlights Magazine? If you are of a certain age (old) you will know exactly who I am referring to. Quick take for Lent – no one is all good or all bad. Most of us are in between.

goofus-gallant-highlights-66-2-edelsteinswscan06481That makes me wonder if it is possible that if we go into the desert, turn away from distraction and towards more silence and stillness, how might we change?

If we consider those who annoy us the most, and try to integrate our shadows, how might we change?

And if we for once and for all understand that none of us is completely holy or completely irredeemable, how can that transform our own hearts? And thus the world?

That’s Lent. We are here, off we go. If you spy me across the desert sands, please wave. I’ll see you on the other side.

(I will attempt to be off of social media for Lent other than blog posts. Whatever you choose to do, may your journey be transformative – both revealing and healing.


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  1. Waving to you, Fran! (You may have noticed that I’ve been off FB for a while except for my blog posts. It’s nice to connect with you here and on Instagram.)


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