Time flies!

Gosh, it has been almost a month since I last posted. My #caminoversary began and with it daily long form Facebook posts with lots of pictures. I’ve abandoned the poor blog temporarily. *sigh* I’ve also been trying to get more exercise, and do actual real life things. Like what, you may wonder… well, I saw my favorite Beatle in concert, Paul McCartney. I went to a football game. Met a social media friend that I have always wanted to meet. (Sorry no photos!) Went hiking in PA with my two friends. Visited theh desert. Stuff like that. I’m also doing a B/W photo challenge on Facebook, that’s kind of fun. I also read some books, a lot of magazines, did some art projects.

And I’m trying not to lose my mind over:


But it is hard.

Anyway, here are some photos. Back to living, more writing to follow.


7 thoughts on “Time flies!

  1. Our Camino has not defeated us! Just a hiccup. We will return in May to complete it. In the meantime we will hike, make Portuguese food and try not to go crazy over the same things that trouble you. Happy Caminoversary!

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  2. Oh Fran…I hear you and feel the same with regards to blogs, real life, trying to free my mind, heart and soul of all the kaka in the world and church. BTW…saw Sir Paul in Winnipeg a couple of years ago. Best. Concert. Ever! Here’s to grabbing all the joy we can from “real life things”! 🙂


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