Surely it is not I


La Ultima Cena (The Last Supper), The Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption of the Virgin, Cusco, Peru

Today’s Gospel from Matthew reminds us of something that we all have to deal with – our denial of Christ. No, we may not be Judas Iscariot, ready to turn Christ over for 30 pieces of silver, but we all have our moments whether we can admit it or not.

No one likes to believe that we would abandon Jesus, but we all do it in various ways, often unknown to ourselves. Little acts, moments of indifference, a lack of generosity – these are all the elements of our own “surely it is not I” moments. Then of course there are the larger things

The Sacred Triduum begins tomorrow on Holy Thursday. Because this particular line of the Gospel has been on my heart all week, I am planning on trying to be more aware of my own “not I” actions. I’m not sure how I will do, but awareness is the first step. May your days of the Triduum be blessed, and may we all see more deeply into the life that God calls us to, dying to self and rising in new life.


4 thoughts on “Surely it is not I

  1. Thanks for reminding me Fran! I’m with you on this one. I too will try to be more aware of my “not I” moments in future. They can be so easy to pass over without thinking.


  2. Thanks for this reminder as well, Fran. It’s never me. Blame, blame, blame… The only game in town, eh? “Surely, it’s never me, Lord, right?” Have a blessed Triduum, Fran. May you find what you seek! –roc,sj

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