Sunflower time

Cizur_Menor-sunflowers-chanceprojects.jpgI’m still here, just not *here* specifically. My inspiration to write has been a bit off lately, I start posts, but I don’t finish them. I have a couple of things I need to submit, one of them a paid assignment – they are not flowing with ease either. Is it writers’s block or just a time when the field is fallow? I’d say the latter. That’s why I titled the post “Sunflower time,” because sunflowers are often planted in fields that are fallow!

Other things are happening, none of them bad, but all of them things that direct my attention elsewhere. I am left aghast each day as I watch the news roll by, and each new day brings revelations more astonishing than the day before. It is really too much, a near-constant assault, so I have also tried to spend some time doing actual work for a better tomorrow.

That’s all, I’m sure I will be back, just not sure when! May you all be well!


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    • Thank you Claire! The sunflower image came to mind with memories of Camino. As I went in the autumn, the fields were either razed or full of dried up and dead sunflowers, bent into prayer posture. That said, I recall other European journeys in the summer, seeing endless fields of sunflowers standing tall and facing the sun in fallowing fields. Peace to you my sister!


  1. Fran. I will pray for you. Not sure what else I can do from this side of the pond but I am here for you if you need me.God bless


    • Hi Peter – how kind you are! I really am fine, but always grateful for your prayers. I am just not feeling writing so much, but I am busy with many other things and feeling peaceful at large. I am always troubled by the state of the world, and especially the state of my country, but I know my worrying won’t change a thing. That is why I am busy with some exploratory activism as well!

      Peace to you, my brother! And thank you!


  2. Thank you, Fran, for this encouraging post. For three reasons: 1) I am finding it difficult to write on a regular basis because I feel as though I have little to say; 2) I, too, am aghast each day at the news of what is happening in the U.S.; and 3) I am fully engaged in reading and preparing for a class at my church, which I have not taught before, and I’m not sure how to share that on a blog. It is reassuring that someone like you who has much more experience in spiritual writing finds the need to rest in a fallow space. Again, thank you.

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  3. Oh, to find some creativity in the fallow time! Where is the energy and motivation? Yet, God creates a new day for us each and every sunrise…perhaps we should just enjoy it? Then, in a week or two, I will start to plant my sunflowers!

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  4. Ah, sunflowers…memories of the spring of my senior year in high school back in 19…oh, never mind… and evoking a certain set of emotions and memories of a certain young woman with whom things did not, sadly, work out. And no sunflowers have I seen around here this spring since you raise the subject. But I suppose I should save such reminisces for my own blog.

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