Desert heart

Edit Desert HeartA prickly heart
beats inside a chest.
Thump thump thump,
the thrum of blood
coursing through veins,
like a river swollen with melting snow.

How sharp that heart appears,
pointed, angry, dangerous.
How dry and desiccated,
like something that might turn to dust
if you touched it, if you could touch it.

For the brave who might reach out,
even tentatively, with a gloved hand,
delicately probing the sharpened points.
Like tiny knives poised to cut
the one that comes close, they wait.

Tender fingers push them aside.
Gently, lovingly pressing into the flesh,
finding a moist treasure, supple within.
A hiding place for love,
encased by thorns,
freed by human hands and a heart.



3 thoughts on “Desert heart

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  2. Hi Fran, I just read your contribution to “Give Us this Dad” and enjoyed it. I can relate a bit with your Camino comments. My daughter and I set out one April but I soon becam I’ll and returned home but my daughter continued on the whole Camino, God bless her!! I’m 80 and so much want to be involved in ministry for Christ in Minneapolis, my new home, but cannot seem to find the right fit. Please pray for me. God bless your good work in His Kingdom. Richard

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    • Richard – thank you for your kind words. I’m glad you liked the reflection. Please be assured of my prayers for your ministry. So many of us long to give something but struggle to find the right place and manner.

      I’m sorry you did not get to complete your Camino, but I am guessing that any part of it touched your soul. God bless you!!


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