Bring them here to me…

IMG_5747_mappano72-1220x763A friend posted this image on her Facebook page, well – the same image, a different shot. This was taken in a shelter in Mexico, La 72. It is a map that shows migrants the way, along with train tracks and danger zones, as well as shelters. The journey undertaken by immigrants is a desperate and dangerous one. Here is one article, the one where I found this image; it is from Oxfam.

There is that old video (old = May 2018) of the president calling out people as animals. Apparently he was talking about MS-13 gang members. Are they animals? Are Nazis and white supremacists animals? Are serial killers animals? I would have to say no. What I would say is that some people make horrific and heinous choices, undertake vile actions, and choose to behave in evil ways, but are they animals? No, I would not say that ever, because of my faith and my belief in the dignity inherent in all human beings. I cry and rage over those – from MS-13 to Trump and all the others making dark choices, but their dignity remains present whether or not they choose it.

Are we “full?” Not really. Are we broke? Not really, although I suspect that we will financially harmed by the current administration. If I ever hear about “tax and spend Democrats again” I may have a heart attack. We do not have the funds? I’m pretty sure that we could find them if we had the political and moral will to do so – but we lack either virtue as a nation.

christ-feeding-5000Here is my little sermon for anyone left reading/listening… In Matthew 14:13 Jesus has withdrawn to a deserted place to pray, but before he knows it the crowds have followed him – on foot. I hope that that detail is not lost upon you, they walk to follow him. It is a long walk, it is a hard walk. Just as following Jesus always is. And remember – the reading is about feeding the 5000. That is a lot of people. The apostles are still unclear however, and they are worried about food. Well, Jesus – who had felt pity for the crowd is told this by his disciples: “This is a deserted place and it is already late; dismiss the crowds so that they can go to the villages and buy food for themselves.”


The apostles – they simply do not get it. They do not get it. They do not get it. You know – kind of like us!

The Gospel continues… Jesus said to them, “There is no need for them to go away; give them some food yourselves.” But they said to him, “Five loaves and two fish are all we have here.” Then he said, “Bring them here to me,”



But, but, but say the apostles. Everybody has a big but, right? Yes, everyone seems to have a big but.

Jesus simply states: “Bring them here to me,”

America is not full it seems, America is empty if you ask me – in our hearts and souls. At least those who say “we cannot afford this.” That’s like one cannot afford something, but still paying the same stupid cable bill from month to month. Where is the will to end that nonsense or at least cut it back?

If we really wanted it, we would find a way.

Is there something wrong with not wanting it? Well, for a country that seems fixated on describing itself as Christian and pro-life – yes, there is something very wrong with not wanting it. From womb to tomb, from conception to natural death, and everything in between, all life is all life. Not the lives that you prefer to see as whole and good. All means all.

We get the chance to meet Jesus every day. Most of us pass him by and worse yet, are annoyed by him. I’m including myself in that description. It is a difficult path to follow, but we are capable of it, we simply need to begin acting that way.

libertyEmma Lazarus’ poem has become a joke. And the Gospel appears irrelevant. People are not animals, there is more than enough for everyone. Can we understand this? Can we live this way? Or are we really just getting ready to wall ourselves in to ward off the others? Will we ever understand what Jesus is asking of us? And if we do, can we actually act and live that way? Remember what Jesus said… “Bring them here to me,”


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  1. You hit another home run. I could make some comments, but they would all be points you already know!


  2. 1 John 4:8
    When we don’t know love–and we only know it by living it–we do not know God.

    Human dignity. Love. They cannot be separated. We need to stop making pregnancy a political issue and turn back to a moral society that abhors hate, refuses murder, acts in love.

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  3. Wow! Wonderful post! Carmel Ann Sperti, D.Min. Oneonta, NY

    “The way to love anything is to realize it might be lost. ”           – G. K. Chesterton

    “Two roads diverged in a wood and I — I took the one less traveled by — and that has made all the difference.”~ Robert Frost “Be not lax in celebrating! Be not lazy in the festive service of God; be ablaze with enthusiasm. Let us be an active, burning offering before the altar of God.” -Hildegard of Bingen


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