Disturb us Adonai Shabbat

Shabbat is over until Friday night, or Sunday – depending on your faith practice. That said, I found this graphic on my computer and it has been rubbing up against my consciousness, so I figured I better pay attention before the next sabbath sneaks up on me.

Honestly, I find Sunday to be one of the more stressful days of the week. Saturday feels more relaxed, even if I do more errands. And I typically attend mass on Saturday at 4PM. So what is it about Sunday that takes me away from what sabbath is meant to be?And what is it about Sunday that finds me far from being stirred up in a good way?

I’m not sure, but that’s something I will be spending some time in prayer about. Along with more issues of conscience.

The Easter season will end on Sunday June 8, Pentecost. This coincides with the Jewish holiday of Shavuot. Christians mark the time between Easter and Pentecost; in Judaism the time between the second night of Passover and Shavout is when the Omer is counted. These things matter – Jesus, along with the early church, was largely Jewish. This was in their blood. This year I have counted the Omer each day using this website, A Way In, Directing the Heart Through Jewish Mindfulness. It has been a true spiritual gift.

Tonight I feel stressed, as if at about 3PM this afternoon I became a whirling dervish of task oriented stuff, cleaning, cooking dinner, prepping lunch for tomorrow, laundry. Out of nowhere I thought about retirement (close, God willing, but not just yet!) and that I would love Sunday night best. It is a little like Sunday night stuff from when I was a kid in school.

Anyway, back to the graphic, I am entering the new week praying for the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, I am praying for God to disturb me, even though I think I avoid disturbance, and I am praying for… well, I am praying.

May you enter these days with some kind of prayer, focus, hope. And may your disturbances serve you well, as I hope mine do for me. God, snap me to attention so that I may do the work you call me to with joy. And that all may be One in you. fb475c333229664bf7079bff042e4a8f


2 thoughts on “Disturbances

  1. I can relate with your Sunday evening anxiety 🙂 It will definitely disappear with retirement — on Sunday evening. Still anxiety will find other venues, other reasons.
    This morning as I woke up filled with anxiety, I thought, The Lord is my Shepherd, I will not feel anxious. Other days I pray, The Lord is my Shepherd, I will not grumble. It’s the grumbling bit which set me off changing the second half of The Lord is my Shepherd. It frees me in a way.
    Thank you for the Jewish website. Thank you as well for the wonderful opening prayer 🙂


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