Action required

67960967_10157222946030256_1434263191302438912_nNo reason for not writing much lately, just not writing much lately. I was preparing for a seminar I had to give at the Hartwick Seminary Summer Institute of Theology. This was my second visit and I love working with our Lutheran brothers and sisters.

After my session I was the recipient of a ticket to see Show Boat at the Glimmerglass Festival in Cooperstown. It has stuck to my heart because of the subject matter – a brilliant musical, well produced with themes of the history of slavery, racial intermarriage, racism past and present, family challenges, addiction, and other complications of human relationship. I highly recommend it, but be prepared to have a lot to think about.

On Saturday I was offline for most of the day as we spent time with a group of friends we have not seen in forever. It was wonderful to be up at Bolton Landing on Lake George. We laughed, we told stories, music was made, food was eaten, swimming happened – the works. When we drove home around 10pm, I was horrified to learn of the El Paso Walmart shooting.

This morning I woke up to learn that there had been yet another mass shooting last night, in Dayton. Honestly, it pushed me right over the edge. Sick at heart barely describes how I feel, along with very angry that we are seeing this over and over and over again.

Thoughts and prayers are meaningless without action. In fact, as a religious/spiritual person, right now I want to say I loathe thoughts and prayers. Faith without works is dead, says St. James in Chapter 2 of his letter. He also says this:

Do you want proof, you ignoramus, that faith without works is useless?

There is little left to say. Thoughts and prayers, sure – but action too. Otherwise we are dead. I know what I am doing – working harder than ever to get better gun legislation nationwide. Also doing whatever I can to make sure candidates at any level who do not support that go nowhere. And don’t worry – I will be offering my thoughts and prayers along with it.

Action is required. What will yours be?


2 thoughts on “Action required

  1. Agreed. Faith without works is useless. There is no point in buying a lawnmower unless you intend to use it. There is no point in buying a gun….. But then I am just an Ancient Briton, what do I know about American politics?
    Anyway, I will pray for you all. God be with you.


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