I am not afraid and I may start blogging again…

Sure about not being afraid, not so sure about the blogging though; I am still discerning.  In the meantime, this is something I heartily agree with. Karl Barth apparently said this to his friend Eduard Thurneysen during a phone call in December 1968. Barth died later that same day.

This feels very true to me in a particular way right now.  I am not afraid.



5 thoughts on “I am not afraid and I may start blogging again…

  1. The Lord will walk with you wherever you go. Keep hold of that thought. Re blogging God will speak through you so no need to worry there.
    God bless you Fran


  2. Good quote, Fran. Yes, our God/de is a God/de of History who walks with us. The darker it looks the more the Spirit is with us (I forgot who wrote this).
    I hope you resume blogging. We need to hear your voice xoxo


  3. Great quote! God will use you if you decide to blog again. Listen to God’s voice. Blessings!!


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