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tumblr_o8y3h820oa1qaowvro1_500In addition to remember that we are not to be afraid, right now might be a good time to remember to be kind. It does not take much… wait a minute, it does take a lot. Especially at times of stress and uncertainty, which is where we are right now.

Help one another, thank people who continue to do their jobs, such as first responders, doctors, nurses, all medical personnel, grocery store employees, garbage collectors, postal carriers, UPS and other delivery drivers, pharmacists and drug store employees, local and federal government workers, many behind the scenes, working to make sense of this new reality, restaurant workers and food delivery people. Remember ministers, priests, and others who are on the front lines physically or virtually, tending to the souls of those who are troubled or ill. Who are those souls? All of us.

Think of how everyone’s personal economy will be impacted in ways large and small. Share what you have. Donate to a food pantry, even if it is just one can of soup. If everyone did that, there would be a lot of food. Offer to pick things up for a more vulnerable neighbor and then leave it at the door. If you can, tell them not to worry about the money.

Share your friendship and love with others, especially those hardest to share it with. Remember to smile, something you can do online as well. Offer a greeting. Be patient. Try not to lose hope. Encourage others and allow yourself to be encouraged.

These are strange and trying days, let us be kind to one another. The words of St. John of the Cross remain in my heart in a special way right now. May we all follow this and remember that love is action, decision, commitment, not romance or just a feeling. Love is your life, be it always. It is hard. Will you help me? I will help you. May we all put love where there is little or none, each and every day.


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  1. Thanks Fran.
    I do wish people would share more with one another.There are so many basic items not available on the grocery store shelves, simply because those who do not need to have been stockpiling “just in case”. Recently someone bought 15 packets of pasta at one go! Toilet rolls are like gold dust; you just can’t find them anywhere. Why?
    In the next few weeks the UK Government will advise those over 70 to self isolate for an extended period of time.
    There is some good news however, two neighbours and a friend of our daughters have offered to shop for us if we need anything. For that I thank God.

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  2. Love. Because that’s the first and always response in all things. You have said it beautifully, Fran. It’s so sad to see the selfishness and greed from those who think only of protecting themselves. Love. So simple. So true. So needed.

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  3. Good reminders. Today, I thanked my hairdresser for remaining open, and gave her an extra tip to help toward her lost income in the coming days. As with so many others, no clients means no income. We have an opportunity now to make the “new normal” a more generous and compassionate lifestyle. Let’s pray we will.

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