Isolation – gift or burden?

Solitude Quote St Therse Shrine Image

This is video from a reflection that I offered on Thursday. Thank you for watching.


3 thoughts on “Isolation – gift or burden?

  1. Fran, I listened to this last night as part of my daily prayer- It has been really helpful fodder- though my monostary is kind of loud and feisty and has legos I keep stepping on- there is still a serious rythm to the day and a boredom that is part of that rythm that I think needs unpacking. I am grateful for your helping me find the language to begin to unpack that. I Have been thinking a alot about Mary and Martha- and the part of me that wants to sit and embrace the stillness- and also the part that is like, “come on Rachel have a baby and then you’ll have something to do- a project htat will keep you busy and full and distracted…” Your words are helping me reframe some of this time. Anyway, thank you for all of this! -Rachel Doll O’Mahoney

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