About the bread…

I’m not exactly sure how it all happened… From Senior Vice President and single woman, to wife, stepmother, church secretary, lay minister and catechist, graduate student, blogger, (not just here, but here and here also!) Catholic writer, retreat leader and public speaker. And now this blog will be hosted by the Times Union blogging platform, which is a great honor and privilege!

As I like to think, one day I came home from work in New York City and went to sleep at my house in Nyack. The next day I woke up here in Clifton Park and went to work in Glenville. Just like that!

This blog is called There Will Be Bread, because the idea of bread is central to life and central to the Catholic eucharistic theololgy which I love and try to live each day. We encounter Christ in the bread that is eucharist and we meet Christ around the table and in life, in one another. It is a meal in which we come to give and not just receive.

My day job, which I love, is Office Manager, at The Church of the Immaculate Conception in Glenville, NY. St. Edward the Confessor in Clifton Park is where I worship, and where I am active in lay ministry, mostly liturgical in nature. Currently I am pursuing a Master of Arts degree in Pastoral Studies at St. Bernard’s School of Theology and Ministry. Additionally, I do work for Living Hope Ministries as part of their confirmation retreat series.

I am Roman Catholic. You will not hear me say that I am a (fill-in-the-blank) traditional, progressive, orthodox, liberal, conservative Catholic. Labels for me are divisive and not helpful for the most part and I avoid them. Catholicity demands, at least as I see it, a way of life that is both/and, not either/or alone. In general, if I were to use labels, I would be accused of being too conservative for liberal Catholics and too liberal for conservative Catholics. So be it, I say let us come to the table and let Christ do His work.

Sometimes I feel like Dorothy in Oz now that I live such a different life, and so unexpectedly! The biggest difference is I don’t need any red shoes – I am already at home and you are welcome here!


25 thoughts on “About the bread…

    • Even though the River of Stones did not work out for me, it helped me discover your beautiful blog. I am typically silent, but that post… Oh my gosh, I cannot stop thinking about that writing. I want to luxuriate in it, gorgeous! Thank you for coming by!


  1. Fran, just read your reflection in “This Day,” which lead me to your blog. You are a breath of Catholic fresh air! Keep writing and God bless you!


  2. Read your reflection today in Give Us This Day and it led me to your blog. It was a blessing as it reminded me that I have been pruned and need continual pruning in order to experience new growth through the Holy Spirit. Thank you.


  3. Please immediately remove from your blog all images of my artwork depicting the Great O Antiphons. Your unauthorized and unattributed use of these images is a violation of copyright law. Linda Witte Henke (www.lindahenke.com)


    • Thank you – my friend Brad shared your post this morning, and it touched me deeply. To be opened… our quotidian journey, peeling away the layers of what closes us off from God and one another, what keeps us from ourselves. Peace to Renee, and blessings!

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  4. Fran, your blog is warm and inviting until I start getting distracted by all the ads. I’ve tried to avoid going this way with my site (www.lectorresources.com). Is it worth the bit of chump change we might get for cluttering up our good content with Motley Fool ads and the like? Would really appreciate your thoughts. Thanks… George

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  5. Hi Fran,

    Just read you in This Day which led me here. I appreciate the grace and gentle question you ask about the type of servant we are: faithful or wicked, the truth that we can be both and the encouragement to offer ourselves anew each day to a loving God. Thank you!.

    Can you share info about the icon of Christ in your header photo? I am always in search of good ones!


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