Online Faith and Other Matters

It has been a long, long, long time since I have posted here and I apologize for the lack of content.

It seems that I am plagued by a few issues that are culminating in a case of writer’s block that is as hard as the pack ice the plow deposits at the end of my driveway. No, that’s not true, I can eventually get the snowblower and shovel through that, this seems currently impassible.

This will change, but just not yet.

This past Thursday our diocesan newspaper The Evangelist published an article written by Casey Normile entitled, “Is Online Faith Good for the Church?” Casey interviewed me at length for this yet I was more than surprised to see the prominent place my quotes were given in the piece.

Please read it and let me know your thoughts. I clearly do think that it is good, but like all things, it can be bad.

Things are often neutral – it is what we do with them that makes for good or bad. In being online with my ministry, I’d like to think that I am doing good, cooperating with grace. It is not about me – It is about God.

With that said, I am off to meet another Catholic blogger and writer, Brother Daniel P. Horan, OFM of the blog, Dating God. Last year I read an article written by Bro. Dan and I found his website and emailed him. It turns out that he was living right near here; he is at Siena College. It has taken us awhile, but we are finally meeting today.

I share Bro. Dan’s blog almost every single day on my Facebook page. Sometimes I worry that he thinks that I am  stalking him! The reality is that I just think that he is brilliant and that his work should be widely read. I suspect that given his youth, we will all hear of him in the future, as I bet he will be well published.

In any event, my real life is full of real people, amazing people. My online life is full of real people, amazing people, that I first meet online. Often I am privileged to meet them in person too! Wherever two or three are gathered in HIs name, He is present.

Thanks be to God.

If you have experiences – good or bad – of online faith journeys, please add  them to the comments! I’d love to see a good discussion get started here!