Pray, Share, Give

c546df81-4701-4652-85bc-de965348701c_profilePray, share, give. That’s what I am looking for. You see, today is my birthday. My only regret is that my aging, addled, overstimulated, overtired brain did not think of this post sooner. Anyway, I did think of it, so here is my pray, share, give idea that I am asking for your help with today!

I’m not sure why this particular situation is hitting me in the way that it is, but I am kind of consumed with it. The photo above is of John and Frances Smersh; they are friends of a social media friend of mine. He posted this You Caring fundraising link, Support the Smershes, on Facebook yesterday. Frances is an artist/jewelry designer who has been diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s at the age of 48. Yes – 48.

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